Mrs Upasana Sallis

Profession: Occupational therapist

Registration Number: OT28827

Hearing Type: Final Hearing

Date and Time of hearing: 10:00 20/01/2020 End: 17:00 27/01/2020

Location: Novotel Glasgow Centre,181 Pitt Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G2 4DT,

Panel: Conduct and Competence Committee
Outcome: Adjourned part heard

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In your role as an Occupational Therapist at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (“NHS GGC”)

1. In relation to SU:1, on or around 21 August 2015 you:

a. failed to complete any adequate clinical assessment, risk assessment and/or management plan, prior to taking SU:1 out of Craigielea Care Home (“the Home”) to a local cafe;

b. failed to ensure that appropriate measures were in place to summon assistance if required prior to taking SU:1 out of the Home, in that you:

i. Did not ensure your mobile phone was easily accessible;
ii. Did not ensure that the Home had your contact number;
iii. Did not have the number of the Home in case you required assistance;

c. when SU:1 refused to return to the Home, failed to effectively manage and/or minimise any risk to yourself, SU:1 and/or members of the public by continuing to drive around with SU:1 in the front passenger seat of your car for around 90 minutes;
d. removed SU:1’s records from NHS GGC and stored them in the boot of your car, in breach of NHS GGC Transportation of Health Records policy.

2. Failed to adequately carry out and/or record Occupational Therapy assessments:

a. for the service users (between the date ranges) set out in Schedule A;
b. for SU:9 on or about 28 February 2017 in that you failed to detail:

i. all the resources and equipment used during the assessment;
ii. all the relevant medical information for SU:9 including that she had recently
had a fall and had stitches on her forehead;
iii. that SU:9 required prompting to drink milk;
iiii. that SU:9 had difficulty locating the food on her plate;
v. that SU:9 was only eating slowly with small quantities on her spoon,
meaning that her food went cold;
vi. that SU:9 had to be encouraged to resume eating;
vii. that SU:9 had limited bilateral ability.

3. Failed to adequately complete and/or record treatment plans for the service users
(between the date ranges) set out in Schedule B.

4. Between around March and August 2017 you set up and/or provided services as
an Occupational Therapist at the business ‘Weekday Wow Factor’ during the time that
you were on sick leave and receiving statutory sick pay from NHS GGC contrary to
their Code of Conduct Policy.

5. Your conduct at 4 above was:

a.Misleading and/or

6. The matters set out in Paragraph 1, 2, 3, 4 and/or 5 constitute misconduct and/or
lack of competence.

7. Your fitness to practise as an Occupational Therapist is impaired by reason of
your misconduct and/or lack of competence.


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No information currently available


This hearing adjourned, part heard. The date for the reconvened hearing is to be confirmed.

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