Geraldine Morgan

: Social worker

: SW78575

: Review Hearing

Date and Time of hearing:10:00 05/05/2017 End: 12:30 05/05/2017

: Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service (HCPTS), 405 Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT

: Conduct and Competence Committee
: Conditions of Practice


During the course of your employment as a Social Worker at Oxfordshire County Council


1)     While working at a co-ordinator level you did not:

a)     manage your caseload despite reasonable adjustments being made;

b)    work autonomously;

c)     meet your competence objectives in that you did not complete;

i)      3 assessments;

ii)     4 reviews;

iii)    2 assessment write-ups;

iv)    8 cases with follow-up actions.


d)    between June and October 2011, meet your target of completing one assessment and two reviews per week.


2)     On 22 February 2011 you received a phone call from the spouse of Service User A and you:

a)     did not document the call until 01 March 2011, which resulted in a delay before service user B not being placed on the waiting list;

b)    did not fully complete a routing slip.


3)     On 24 February 2011 you received a referral about Service User A and you:

a)     did not accurately assess the risk to Service User A;

b)    prioritised the referral as "Social Work Amber";

c)     did not properly complete a routing slip; and / or

d)    did not consult colleagues to assess the urgency and / or risk.


4)     On 26 September 2011 without any good reason you did not attend an appointment with Service User B's spouse.


5)     You did not complete a capacity assessment of Service User B's mental capacity form prior to attending a best interest meeting.

6)     Your actions at paragraphs 1 - 5 constitute a lack of competence and / or misconduct.

7)     By reason of this lack of competence and / or misconduct your fitness to practise is impaired


Part private hearing

1. Mr Newman applied for any part of the hearing during which discussion of matters relating to the Registrant’s health were discussed to be in private.  This application was supported by Ms Hurd. The Panel received and accepted the advice of the Legal Assessor and consented to the application.

Decision on Impairment

2. The Panel had regard to the findings of the previous Panels that the Registrant’s fitness to practise was impaired by reason of lack of competence.

3. The Panel carefully considered the submissions made by Mr Newman on behalf of the HCPC and by Ms Hurd on the Registrant’s behalf. The Panel had regard to the oral evidence under oath given by the Registrant and to the documentary material provided to it, which included evidence of relevant training, confirmation of an offer of a job as a Social Worker with NHS Oxford Health and details of the Registrant’s professional mentor.

4. The Panel considered that since the findings of lack of competence made in February 2014, the Registrant has persevered in her attempts in securing a post as a registered Social Worker and in finding a mentor. The Panel noted that the Registrant has been unable to comply with the current conditions of practise, given that she has only recently secured employment as a Social Worker and is not due to start that job until 12 June 2017. Whilst the Panel accepts that the Registrant has been working as a care worker and in the voluntary sector, it noted that she cannot yet provide evidence that she is safe to practise unrestricted as a Social Worker.

5. Accordingly, the Panel concluded that until the Registrant was able to demonstrate safe and effective practice in a registered Social Worker role, her fitness to practise remains impaired.

6. In considering sanction, the Panel had regard to the persistent efforts made by the Registrant to secure employment as a Social Worker and to engage an appropriate mentor. The Panel was encouraged that the Registrant has now been engaged by NHS Oxford Health and will commence a probationary period of employment with them on 12 June 2017. The Panel accepts the Registrant’s evidence that her new employers are aware of her conditions of practise and intend to support the Registrant through work place supervision and occupational health.

7. Given the concrete evidence of the Registrant’s new employment, the Panel was satisfied that there is a real opportunity for the Registrant to demonstrate remediation. The Panel also considered that the Registrant had demonstrated insight into her failings. The Panel noted the Registrant’s oral evidence that, in the event of her being unable to reach the required standards in her new job, she would resign rather than placing service users or colleagues at any risk of harm.

8. For all of the above reasons, the Panel concluded that a further period of conditions of practise was necessary for the protection of the public, was otherwise in the public interest, and in the interest of the Registrant herself. The Panel considered that the length of the order should be for a period of 12 months to allow the Registrant to complete her probationary period in her new job and provide appropriate evidence from her work place supervisor and mentor.


ORDER: The Registrar is directed to place the following conditions on the registration of Geraldine Morgan upon expiry of the current order for a period of twelve months:

1. In   respect of any work   you   undertake   for which   your   HCPC Registration is required (whether that work is paid or voluntary) you must place yourself and remain under the supervision of a workplace supervisor registered by the HCPC or other appropriate statutory Social Work regulator and supply details of your supervisor to the HCPC within two weeks of taking up any employment as a Social Worker. You must attend upon that supervisor not less than monthly, and as otherwise required, and follow their advice and recommendations.

2. You must work with a mentor to formulate a Personal Development Plan designed to address the HCPC Standards of Proficiency for Social Workers in England generally, and deficiencies in the following areas in particular:

a) case management;

b) autonomous decision making and professional judgement;

c) assessment skills, including risk assessment; and,

d) personal organisation and time management.

3. The mentor with whom you work in connection with the Personal Development Plan should not be your line manager or supervisor and must be registered with the HCPC as a Social Worker. You should meet with your mentor at least monthly.

4. Within three months of commencing work as a Social Worker

5. You must forward a copy of your Personal Development Plan to the HCPC.

6. Not less than 2 weeks before the hearing of any review of this Order you must send to the HCPC a report from your mentor detailing your progress towards the goals set by the Personal Development Plan.

7. Not less than 2 weeks before the hearing of any review of this Order you must send to the HCPC a report from your workplace supervisor, detailing your progress and compliance with these conditions.

8. You must allow your mentor and workplace supervisor to provide information to the HCPC about your progress. You must allow your mentor and workplace supervisor to communicate freely with one another as they see fit.

9. You will be responsible for meeting any and all costs associated with complying with these conditions.

10. You must promptly inform the HCPC if you fail to commence employment with, cease to be employed by NHS Oxford Health, or take up any other or further employment.

11. You must inform the following parties that your registration is subject to these conditions:

A. any organisation or person employing or contracting with you to undertake professional work;

B. any agency you are registered with or apply to be registered with (at the time of application); and

C. any prospective employer (at the time of your application).

12. You must promptly inform the HCPC of any disciplinary proceedings taken against you by your employer.


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Hearing history

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