Mr Clifford James Anderson

: Hearing aid dispenser

: HAD00024

: Final Hearing

Date and Time of hearing:10:00 06/09/2017 End: 17:00 12/09/2017

: Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service (HCPTS), 405 Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT

: Conduct and Competence Committee
: Hearing has not yet been held


During the course of your employment as a Hearing Aid Dispenser for Hearing Health and Mobility, on 06 March 2014, in the course of examining Patient A’s ears, you:


1)    Used a cracked speculum.


2)    Undertook a procedure to remove wax from Patient A's ear/s.


3)    Caused discomfort and pain to Patient A during the procedure.


4)    Caused abrasion to the insides of Patient A's ears which resulted in:


a)    Internal bleeding; and

b)    Patient A losing hearing for several days.


5)    Your actions at paragraph 2 were outside the scope of your practice.


6)    The matters described in paragraphs 1 - 5 constitute misconduct and/or lack of competence.


7)    By reason of that misconduct and/or lack of competence your fitness to practise is impaired.


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Hearing history

History of Hearings for Mr Clifford James Anderson

Date Panel Hearing type Outcomes / Status
01/03/2018 Conduct and Competence Committee Final Hearing Voluntary Removal agreed
06/09/2017 Conduct and Competence Committee Final Hearing Hearing has not yet been held