Mr Deljinder Singh Powar

: Social worker

: SW32032

: Review Hearing

Date and Time of hearing:10:00 24/01/2018 End: 12:30 24/01/2018

: Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service (HCPTS), 405 Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT

: Conduct and Competence Committee
: Hearing has not yet been held


While practising as a registered Social Worker with Kent County Council between 2007 and September 2012:


As Team Leader in the Tunbridge and Malling DIAT:


1. In relation to Child 1, you:

a. did not identify that the core assessments undertaken on 15 April 2010 and 10 June 2010 were inadequate;

b. on 30 June 2010 endorsed a decision that Child 1 did not meet the criteria for services as a child in need and closed the case;

c. not proved;

d. not proved;

e. did not ensure that strategy meetings were recorded;

f. not proved.


2. In relation to Child 2, you:

a. did not ensure that a strategy meeting was convened following a referral received in August 2010;

b. not proved;

c. not proved.


3. not proved.


4. In relation to Child 21, you:

a. did not ensure that an initial strategy meeting was held;

b. did not ensure that agency checks were completed;

c. not proved;

d. not proved.


5. not proved.


6. not proved.


During your secondment to the role of Independent Reviewing Officer:


7. Between April 2012 and September 2012;

a. you did not complete writing up the minutes, decisions and recommendations from the Looked After Child Reviews within the required time-scales; and

b. you did not ensure that you completed your backlog of:

i. not proved;

ii. not proved;

iii. not proved;

iv. 74 sets of LAC review minutes which you were responsible for completing.


8. The matters set out in paragraphs 1 – 7 constitute misconduct and/or lack of competence;


9. By reason of your misconduct and/or lack of competence your fitness to practise in impaired.


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