Full list of Hearings


this is a full list of all the published hearings that we have on record.

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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
16/09/2016 Dave Leslie Ephraim Walton Social worker Conditions of Practice
16/09/2016 Mr Emmanuel C Eruotor Biomedical scientist Struck off
16/09/2016 Mr Nayan S Karsan Physiotherapist No further action
15/09/2016 Miss Nicola Hewitt Biomedical scientist Struck off
15/09/2016 Mr Kalpesh Ellis Radiographer No further action
14/09/2016 Miss Samantha L Lockyer Social worker Suspended
14/09/2016 Ms Anne Margaret Davies Social worker Suspended
14/09/2016 Mrs Blessing Chabvamurambo Radiographer Suspended
13/09/2016 Matthew Todd Social worker Suspended
12/09/2016 Daniel B Constans Occupational therapist Hearing has not yet been held
12/09/2016 Mrs Judy R Wilmot Paramedic Caution
12/09/2016 Miss Latoyah D Campbell Social worker Caution
12/09/2016 Mr Dinakar Premkumar Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
12/09/2016 Mr Michael Udegbune Biomedical scientist Struck off
09/09/2016 Mr Mazharul Mannan Social worker Interim Suspension
09/09/2016 Miss Amanda Levine Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
09/09/2016 Mr Brian D Heard Paramedic Interim Suspension
05/09/2016 Ms Karen Claire Tranter Social worker Struck off
05/09/2016 Mr Mark Turner Paramedic Adjourned
02/09/2016 Jonathan Henderson Paramedic Caution
01/09/2016 Anthony John Irving Social worker No further action
31/08/2016 Mr Andrew M Davidson Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
31/08/2016 Mr Andrew Daniel Brown Physiotherapist Struck off
31/08/2016 Miss Sara-Louise Randall Chiropodist / podiatrist Voluntary Removal agreed
31/08/2016 Mr Johnny John-Kamen Practitioner psychologist Conditions of Practice
30/08/2016 Mr Reginald Anthony Frankum Social worker Interim Suspension
30/08/2016 Mr Marcus J Galligan Paramedic Struck off
30/08/2016 Mr James W Daborn Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
26/08/2016 Maynard Mutokonyi Social worker Caution
26/08/2016 Dr Tamsyn Packman Practitioner psychologist Voluntary Removal agreed
26/08/2016 Mr Paul K Chaney Paramedic Conditions of Practice
26/08/2016 Laura Hutchinson Occupational therapist Voluntary Removal agreed
25/08/2016 Mr John T Gibson Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
24/08/2016 Mr Tombe Lumonamo Chiropodist / podiatrist Suspended
24/08/2016 Mr Salim M Ahmaida Makhlouf Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
23/08/2016 Mary Squires Social worker Interim Suspension
23/08/2016 Julie A Barker Social worker Interim Suspension
22/08/2016 Mr Alfred Dabi Social worker Interim Suspension
22/08/2016 Mr Kwabena Boateng Social worker Caution
22/08/2016 Ms Hema Shah Biomedical scientist Suspended
22/08/2016 Ms Anne Josephine Whelan Social worker Caution
19/08/2016 Miss Isha Shona Gabriel Social worker Suspended
19/08/2016 Miss Janelyn Manong Biomedical scientist No further action
19/08/2016 Rachael Wheeler Dietitian Voluntary Removal agreed
18/08/2016 Mrs Jean Dorrington Occupational therapist Voluntary Removal agreed
18/08/2016 Mr Robert Michael Anderson Social worker Suspended
17/08/2016 Mrs Emily Harrison Social worker Interim Suspension
17/08/2016 Mrs Joanne Louise Wilde Social worker Interim Suspension
16/08/2016 Atridad S Saadat Biomedical scientist Suspended
15/08/2016 Mr Marlo Medel Radiographer Struck off
15/08/2016 Alexander David Gabr Tennant Social worker Suspended
15/08/2016 Mrs Victoria Ezinne Ebulue Social worker Suspended
15/08/2016 Miss Wilma Szwajcar Occupational therapist Suspended
15/08/2016 Mr Michael A Small Operating department practitioner Adjourned
15/08/2016 Mrs Louise A Baxter Physiotherapist Voluntary Removal agreed
15/08/2016 Mr Kevin Darin Adams Paramedic Struck off
12/08/2016 Mr Warren Yates Paramedic Voluntary Removal agreed
12/08/2016 Mrs Karen S Collister Biomedical scientist Suspended
11/08/2016 Mr Stuart Marshall Social worker Suspended
11/08/2016 Mrs Joyce Evelyn McConlough Social worker Suspended
11/08/2016 Mr Andrew Mills Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
10/08/2016 Ajeesh George Radiographer Interim Conditions of Practice
10/08/2016 Mr Richard Anthony Williams Social worker Suspended
10/08/2016 Mr Cosimo Antonio Tommaso Primiceri Social worker Caution
10/08/2016 Mr Martin G C Helliwell Radiographer Suspended
09/08/2016 Mr Paul A Leach Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
09/08/2016 Miss Elizabeth Jane Potts Social worker Struck off
08/08/2016 Mr Colin Judge Paramedic Conditions of Practice
08/08/2016 David John Steare Social worker Suspended
08/08/2016 Mrs Deborah D Bonner Social worker Adjourned
08/08/2016 David Lodda Social worker Suspended
05/08/2016 Mrs Olivia Margaret Vickerson Social worker Interim Suspension
05/08/2016 Mr Philip J Stringer Radiographer Struck off
05/08/2016 Mr Desmond Estephane Biomedical scientist Conditions of Practice
05/08/2016 Ms Geraldine Morgan Social worker Conditions of Practice
04/08/2016 Mr Christopher J Elliott Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
04/08/2016 Mr Brian Allerdyce Social worker Suspended
03/08/2016 Mr Louis W Houtsnee Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
03/08/2016 Mr David Raymond Minshull Hearing aid dispenser Conditions of Practice
02/08/2016 David N Clay Physiotherapist Struck off
01/08/2016 Mr Michael Knowles Social worker Caution
01/08/2016 Miss Louise Nicole Martin Social worker Struck off
01/08/2016 Mr Dean M Mahony Paramedic Adjourned part heard
01/08/2016 Dr Tina Bartley Practitioner psychologist Suspended
29/07/2016 Bernard Waring Social worker Struck off
29/07/2016 Mrs Kerrie Louise Hawkins Biomedical scientist Adjourned
28/07/2016 Robert Derek Atkinson Social worker No further action
28/07/2016 Mr Anthony Davies Radiographer Struck off
28/07/2016 Neil Hutton Social worker Suspended
28/07/2016 Mr Kevin E Trevorrow Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
27/07/2016 Mr Carl Gordon Riley Social worker Interim Conditions of Practice
27/07/2016 Mr Andrew W Kerr Paramedic Struck off
27/07/2016 Mr Shaun Gilbert Operating department practitioner Struck off
26/07/2016 Mr Brian James Miller Paramedic Interim Suspension
26/07/2016 Martha Louise Rawling Social worker Voluntary Removal agreed
25/07/2016 Paul R Butler Occupational therapist Conditions of Practice
25/07/2016 Mr John F Skinner Social worker Hearing has not yet been held
21/07/2016 Mr Rudolph Johannes Walker Social worker Struck off
21/07/2016 Mr Gordon Jarvie Chiropodist / podiatrist Interim Suspension
20/07/2016 Mr Marlo Medel Radiographer Hearing has not yet been held