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Arriving at the venue



Our venue

We hold hearings in the UK country where the registrant lives. We hold hearings in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast and in other cities throughout the UK. However, the vast majority are held at our dedicated Tribunal Centre in London.


Arriving at our venue


When you arrive at our Tribunal Centre please sign in at the main reception. The building has access for wheelchair users and those less able to stand. If you have any mobility issues please raise these when the hearing is being scheduled. Hearings take place on the second and third floors of the building and lift access is available to all hearing participants.


There are two main waiting areas for witnesses in our Tribunal Centre, on the second and third floors, which a reception team member will direct you to. There are separate waiting rooms for registrants.


There is public Wi-Fi as well as complimentary tea and coffee.


Other venues

Hearings that take place away from the Tribunal Centre usually take place in conference facilities.

If you are attending a hearing at a venue other than our Tribunal Centre you will need to report to the main reception at that venue. The venue staff will direct you to the designated waiting area and inform the hearings officer that you have arrived. The layout of the hearing room will be similar at any venue.

If you have any questions about a particular hearing venue, please raise these with the Tribunal Service team.