Hearings information



What happens before the hearing?


You are entitled to be represented, or to represent yourself, throughout the fitness to practise process. It is up to you whether you want to be represented at a hearing, but you may want to get advice from your union or professional body (if you are a member), or a lawyer.

See guidance on how to prepare for a hearing here

Where will my hearing be held?

The hearing will be held in the UK country where you are registered, or in London if your registered address is outside the UK. In most cases, hearings in England are held at our Tribunal Centre in Kennington.

Hearings that take place away from the Tribunal Centre usually take place in conference facilities. The Tribunal Service scheduling team will notify you of the venue in the notice of hearing. The layout of the hearing room will be similar at any venue.

If you have any questions about a particular hearing venue, please raise these with the Tribunal Service team.

At the hearing

At the hearing you (or your representative) will have an opportunity to challenge the allegations made by the HCPC. You will be able to tell your side of the story and may do this by questioning the HCPC's witnesses, by giving evidence and by calling your own witnesses. Generally, it will be in your best interests to attend the hearing, as it will allow you to respond to evidence heard on the day. If you choose not to attend, you can provide written submissions which the Panel will take into account.

The hearing may take place even if you are not there, if the Panel is satisfied that you have been given proper notice of the hearing and that proceeding in your absence is fair.

To read more about what happens at a hearing, head to the About hearings section.

After the hearing

After the hearing concludes the HCPTS will send you a copy of the Panel's decision. The decision will also set out any right of appeal which you may have. Read more about that in the Appeals section.