Where are the hearings held?

The majority of hearings are held at HCPTS's Tribunal Centre in Kennington, London. There are occasions when hearings are held in other parts of the UK. Additionally, if a registrant has a registered address in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, the hearing must be heard in that country. Please check the hearings calendar.

Do you publish a schedule of upcoming hearings?

A summary of all HCPTS hearings listed for a week in advance is available on the upcoming hearings page, or you can email press@hcpc-uk.org for more information.

Can I get a full list of the allegations in advance of the hearing?

Allegations are made available on the upcoming hearings page four weeks before their hearing date. Details of interim orders may be posted with less notice as these hearings are convened as soon as reasonably possible.

How many days do hearings normally last?

This can vary depending on the complexity of the case. Hearings can last from one day to a week or longer if necessary. There is also a possibility that a hearing may be adjourned at any point during the hearing. If you have any questions about a hearing then please contact the press office.

Do registrants normally attend the hearing? Are they usually represented?

This varies; they have the right to attend and be represented if they wish to do so however it is not possible to confirm attendance until the hearing starts.

Can I interview the registrant or witnesses?

No, hearings are a stressful time for the registrant and witnesses involved. Do not approach any parties yourself. If you do this you may be asked to leave the hearing. If the Hearing Officer is available and not busy, they may be able to pass on a request for you but there is no guarantee that this will happen.

Can I interview the panel chair or members?

No, the panel chair and members do not talk to members of the press at hearings. You are able to quote anything they have said in public session during the hearing if you are present. Do not approach the panel. If you do this, you may be asked to leave the hearing.

Are cameras permitted in the hearing?

No, we do not allow photography or filming on HCPC premises/external venues. Photographers and camera crews are permitted outside the hearing location. We ask that they are considerate to registrants and the witnesses involved in a hearing.

Do you give out the full address of the registrant?

No, we have a duty of confidentiality to the registrant. Where applicable we would only provide the town or city where they are registered.

Can you tell me where the person was working at the time of the allegations?

This information is only available if it has been mentioned in public during the hearing. The press office will not be able to tell you this information unless it has been mentioned in the hearing.

Will you be able to provide a photo of the registrant?

No, we cannot provide photos of the registrant.

Are panel sanctions issued straight away once the hearing has concluded?

Details of when sanctions apply will be announced at the hearing. Registrants have a 28-day appeal period. Sometimes an interim order is imposed to cover the period of the appeal. We also publish recent decisions.

Are registrants who are struck off still listed on the HCPC Register?

No, the HCPC Register only shows practitioners who are able to practice. This would include those who are working under a conditions of practise order, a suspension order or interim orders.

Do you publicise hearing outcomes?

We are required by legislation to publish decisions and the reasons for them.

If you have any other questions about HCPTS and our processes please contact the HCPTS press office.