Who attends hearings


List of attendees

Panel Chair The panel member who leads the hearing.
Lay Panel Member A panel member who is not a member of a profession that the HCPC regulates.
Registrant Panel Member A panel member who is registered with the HCPC and is from the same profession as part of the registrant concerned.
Registrant The person about whom a fitness to practise concern has been raised.
Legal Assessor A lawyer who gives advice on matters of law and procedure. They are independent from the Panel but may assist the Panel in drafting its decision.
Hearings Officer A staff member of the HCPTS who facilitates the hearing and supports all parties.
Presenting Officer The person who presents the case on behalf of the HCPC.


Room layout

1. Panel 
2. Witness
3. Transcriber
4. Registrant and representative
5. Presenting officer
6. Hearings officer
7. Legal assessor

The three members of the Panel are independent of the HCPTS and are solely responsible for hearing and determining the allegations.


Private hearings

Hearings are usually held in public. This means that members of the public (including the press) are able to attend. Information heard in public may result in reports in the media. Sometimes, all or part of a hearing is held in private due to the personal and confidential information that may need to be shared with the Panel. The public are not allowed to be present when proceedings are held in private.



A verbatim transcript of the hearing is produced by a transcriber, who is also present at the hearing.