Stages of a final hearing


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Below is the standard approach taken at a final hearing. However, it is open to the panel to adjust this if they decide it is necessary.


  • You have the right to give oral evidence on oath or affirmation at facts, grounds, impairment and sanction. Subsequent questions may be put to you by the HCPC Presenting Officer and members of the Panel.
  • The panel usually consider facts, grounds and impairment together rather than retire at each step. However it is the discretion of the panel whether or not to break facts, grounds, impairment into separate steps depending on the complexities of the case.
  • The legal assessor is independent from the panel. They may be invited to accompany the panel to its private room to help write the decision, but the decision will be for the panel alone. Any legal advice sought and given in during panel deliberations will be repeated when the hearing resumes.