Final hearings


If concerns are raised about a HCPC registrant, these are investigated by the HCPC's FTP Department, who may refer the matter to an Investigating Panel.

This Panel meets in private and does not make a decision about whether the allegation is proven; but only whether there is a realistic prospect that the HCPC will be able to establish the allegation at a final hearing.

If this Panel decides that there is a case to answer, the allegations will be referred to:

  • Conduct and Competence Panel (if the allegation concerns misconduct, lack of competence, a conviction or caution, or a determination by another regulatory body);
  • Health Panel (if the allegation concerns the health of the registrant);
  • another Investigating Panel (if the allegation concerns an incorrect of fraudulent Register entry).

If the Investigating Panel decides that there is a 'case to answer', the HCPC will continue its case preparation and ask the HCPTS to arrange for a hearing to be held.

The details of the hearing, including the allegation, will be published 28 days before the hearing.