Hearing guidelines




It is important that you read this before you attend a hearing.

What do I need to have done beforehand?

It is important that you have spoken to the HCPTS press office before you arrive at the hearing to say that you will be attending.

What can I expect when I arrive?

When you arrive, it is important that you state you are a journalist and the hearing you want to attend. Please get Reception to contact the press office on your arrival. You will be met at Reception by either a member of the press office or the hearings team.

When will I be able to enter the hearing?

If you are met by a member of the press office we will take you up when we are given the ok by the hearings team. If you are met by a member of the hearings team then they will take you up when they are ready to do so.

Are cameras permitted in the hearing?

No, we do not allow photography or filming on HCPTS premises/external venues but photographers and camera crews are permitted outside the building. We however ask that photographers and/or camera crews are considerate to the registrant and the witnesses involved in a hearing.

What happens if a hearing goes into private?

You will be asked to leave the hearing. The member of the press office or hearings team will take you to an appropriate place away from the hearing. Once the hearing goes back into a public session you will then be taken back in.

Can I interview the registrant or witnesses?

No, hearings are a stressful time for the registrants and witnesses involved. Do not approach any parties yourself. If you do this you may be asked to leave the hearing. If the Hearings Officer is available they may be able to pass on a request but there is no guarantee this can happen.

Can I interview the panel chair or members?

No, the panel chair and members do not talk to the media. You are able to quote anything they have said in public session during the hearing if you are present. Do not approach the panel. If you do this, you may be asked to leave the hearing.

Can I attend more than one hearing on the day?

It is best that you contact the press office before hand to make sure we can accommodate your request. This may not always be possible because of the number of hearings that are happening on that day.