Interim order hearings


If the HCPC receives an allegation about a registrant that is very serious, it may apply to the Tribunal for an interim order to prevent the registrant from practising (interim suspension order), or to place limits on their practice (interim conditions of practice order) until their case is heard at a substantive hearing.

The HCPC may apply for an interim order in cases where the allegation suggests that a registrant may be a risk to themselves or other people, or where there are other public interest reasons to do so.

Article 31 of the Health Professions Order 2001 sets out the basis upon which an interim order application can be granted.

If the HCPC applies for an interim order, the HCPTS will arrange a hearing at relatively short notice. The Panel which hears the application will decide whether an interim order is necessary. If an interim order is imposed, it will be reviewed after six months and then every three months after that.