Scheduling process



Scheduling process

We schedule hearings months in advance. The Tribunal Service Scheduling team will ask you and your representative about any days we need to avoid so you will be available on the day we schedule for the hearing. We will then send you notice of the hearing telling you where and when it is taking place.

At least 42 days before the hearing the HCPC will send you the information that it plans to rely on at the hearing.

At least 28 days before the hearing you should submit any information that you plan to rely on at the hearing.

The date of the hearing and the allegations to be heard will be published on this website 28 days before the hearing is due to take place.

Interim order applications

Interim order hearings are usually scheduled at short notice. Once the HCPC has informed you that it intends to apply for an interim order, the Tribunal Service Scheduling Team will notify you of the date, time and venue of the hearing. There is no minimum statutory notice period for interim order applications.