Mr Patrick McDermott

Profession: Paramedic

Registration Number: PA30123

Hearing Type: Final Hearing

Date and Time of hearing: 10:00 02/08/2021 End: 09:30 06/08/2021

Location: This hearing will be held virtually via video conference

Panel: Conduct and Competence Committee
Outcome: Adjourned part heard

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Whilst registered as a Paramedic and during the course of your employment with Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, on around 3 November 2015 you:


  1. Failed to adequately complete one or more of the following observations in relation to Patient T:


a) Blood pressure (“BP”);


b) Heart rate (“HR”); or,


c) Oxygen saturations (“O2 sats”).


  1. Recorded the following observations on a Patient Report Form (PRF) for Patient T when you had not in fact completed one or more of them:


a) BP;


b) HR; or


c) O2 sats.


  1. Recorded on a PRF that Patient T had a normal sinus rhythm when in fact you had not completed an electrocardiogram.


  1. Failed to carry out a pre-hospital electrocardiogram in relation to Patient T.


  1. Failed to carry out a blood glucose measurement (BM) in relation to Patient T.


  1. Failed to adequately assess and / or manage Patient T’s pain.


  1. Failed to appropriately record Patient T’s pain score on the PRF.


  1. Failed to perform a second pupillary response test in relation to Patient T.


  1. Failed to record a Glasgow Coma Scale (“GCS”) score in relation to Patient T.


  1. Inappropriately left Patient T in the care of his relatives for approximately 10 minutes.


  1. Your actions at Particulars 2 and / or 3 above were misleading and/or dishonest.


   12. The matters set out at Particulars 1 - 11 above constitute misconduct.


No information currently available


No information currently available


A Final Hearing was heard via video-link from Monday 02 August - Friday 06 August 2021 and was adjourned part-heard.


Hearing History

History of Hearings for Mr Patrick McDermott

Date Panel Hearing type Outcomes / Status
04/10/2021 Conduct and Competence Committee Final Hearing Struck off
02/08/2021 Conduct and Competence Committee Final Hearing Adjourned part heard