Dr Elinor Harper

Profession: Practitioner psychologist

Registration Number: PYL30276

Hearing Type: Final Hearing

Date and Time of hearing: 10:00 21/06/2021 End: 17:00 28/06/2021

Location: Virtual via Video Conference

Panel: Conduct and Competence Committee
Outcome: Hearing has not yet been held

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As a registered Practitioner Psychologist (PYL30276) your fitness to practise is
impaired by reason of misconduct. In that:

1. Between February 2018 and April 2020, you did not maintain professional
boundaries with Service User A, in that;

a) You shared personal information with Service User A about your marriage.

b) During contact with Service User A from about September 2018 onwards you:

i. stated words to the effect of –

A. ‘do you feel that we have a close relationship?’
B. ‘I like you more than my other patients’
C. ‘you are special’
D. ‘I am attracted to you’
E. ‘I can no longer be with my husband because of how I feel about you’
F. ‘I love you’, and/or
G. ‘I will look after you’

ii. kissed and hugged Service User A in the therapy room.

c) You telephoned Service User A between therapy sessions to ask how Service User A felt about what you had said in paragraph 1.b.i.A above.

d) From about September 2018 onwards you engaged into a personal and/or sexual relationship with Service User A

e) You continued group and solo therapy sessions with Service User A after entering into a personal and/or sexual relationship with him.

f) You resisted Service User A’s attempts to terminate the therapeutic relationship after you had entered into a personal and/or sexual relationship with him.

g) You spent time with Service User A in a social setting with your child and/or Service User A’s children.

h) You gave Service User A money that you knew, or ought reasonably to have known, was for gambling, knowing that Service User A had professionally consulted you to address his gambling issues.

i) You asked and/or told Service User A to keep the way your relationship commenced a secret.

j) In or about January 2020 onwards when Service User A expressed concerns about your relationship you stated words to the effect of ‘there is nothing wrong with our relationship’ and/or ‘I cannot help who I fall in love with’.

k) In April 2020, after Service User A had sought to end your personal and/or sexual relationship with him, you attended a barbeque arranged by Service User A’s neighbours.

2. On or around 7 October 2019, when questioned by Colleague B about your relationship with Service User A, you provided information you knew to be untrue.

3. Your conduct in any or all of the particulars 1.a), 1.b), 1.c), 1.d), 1.e), 1.f),
1.g), 1.h), 1.i), 1.j), 1.k) was sexually motivated.

4. Your conduct in particular 2 was dishonest.

5. The matters set out in particulars 1, 2, 3 and 4 above constitute misconduct.

6. By reason of your misconduct your fitness to practice is impaired.


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Hearing History

History of Hearings for Dr Elinor Harper

Date Panel Hearing type Outcomes / Status
21/06/2021 Conduct and Competence Committee Final Hearing Hearing has not yet been held
02/06/2021 Conduct and Competence Committee Interim Order Review Interim Suspension
09/03/2021 Conduct and Competence Committee Interim Order Review Interim Suspension
16/12/2020 Investigating Committee Interim Order Review Interim Suspension
22/06/2020 Investigating Committee Interim Order Application Interim Conditions of Practice