Timothy J Standing

Profession: Paramedic

Registration Number: PA09930

Hearing Type: Restoration Hearing

Date and Time of hearing: 10:00 17/06/2022 End: 17:00 17/06/2022

Location: This hearing will take place virtually

Panel: Conduct and Competence Committee
Outcome: Restored

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In the course of your employment as a Paramedic at North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust:

  1. In and around September 2007 you took Entonox cylinders from the Trust for your own personal use.
  2. The matter set out in paragraph 1 constitutes misconduct.
  3. By reason of that misconduct, your fitness to practise is impaired. 






Preliminary matters

Conducting the hearing in private

1. Ms Khorassani applied for part of the hearing to be conducted in private in order to protect the private life of the Applicant as the hearing might involve matters relating to the Applicant’s health and his family life. The Applicant supported the application.

2. In reaching its decision, the Panel has taken note of the HCPTS Practice Note on Conducting Hearings in Private. It has also received and accepted legal advice. The Panel is satisfied that issues regarding the Applicant’s health and private family life might arise in the course of the hearing. In these circumstances, the Panel has decided that it is in the interests of justice that those parts of the hearing which relate to the Applicant’s health and family life should be conducted in private to safeguard the Registrant’s private life. The rest of the hearing will be conducted in public.

Other matter

3. The Registrant Panel Member indicated prior to the start of the hearing that he knew the Applicant’s witness, PJ, in a purely professional capacity. Both the Applicant and Ms Khorassani were informed of this, and both indicated that they were content to proceed with the hearing.


4. The Applicant had been employed at the relevant time, as a Paramedic by the North West Ambulance NHS Trust (the Trust). [redacted] The Applicant had 6 Entonox cylinders at the property.

5. The concerns were reported to the HCP (as it then was) and a panel of the Investigating Committee found there was a case to answer in respect of the following Allegation:


In the course of your employment as a Paramedic at North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust:

1. In and around September 2007 you took Entonox cylinders from the Trust for your own personal use.

2. The matter set out in paragraph 1 constitutes misconduct.

3. By reason of that misconduct, your fitness to practise is impaired.

Substantive hearing 21 and 25 August 2009

6. At a substantive hearing conducted on 21 and 25 August 2009, a panel of the Conduct and Competence Committee found that an allegation that the Applicant’s fitness to practise was impaired was well founded and ordered that his name be struck off the Register.

7. At the substantive hearing, the Applicant admitted taking the Entonox cylinders but said that he had no recollection of having done so or any recollection of the number of cylinders he had taken. [redacted] The panel found that the Applicant had taken 6 or 7 Entonox cylinders on 26 September 2007 [redacted].

8. [redacted] The panel found that the Applicant’s deliberate taking [redacted] Entonox constituted misconduct. The panel found that the Applicant’s fitness to practise impaired on grounds that in advancing a false case in relation to his default, the Applicant had demonstrated a lack of insight into his problems, and his integrity was compromised.

9. As regards sanction, the panel considered that the Applicant’s default to be very serious, referring to [redacted]. The effect of taking the cylinders had created a real potential for patient harm as a result of a shortage of supply. The panel found that the misconduct would have been capable of being remedied had the Applicant been honest about his default. However, the panel had found that the Applicant had advanced a case that demonstrated a lack of personal and professional integrity.

10. The panel concluded that to take no action was not appropriate, and a Caution Order would not mark the gravity of the situation. The panel also concluded that a Conditions of Practice Order was not appropriate to require compliance with standards of integrity that the ordinary obligations of registration required in any event. The panel decided that the Applicant’s refusal to admit culpability ruled out the imposition of a Suspension Order as being the appropriate sanction because the panel had no confidence, given the way the Applicant had responded to the Allegation, that if he found himself in a similar situation in the future, he would respond with integrity. The panel imposed a striking-off order, having decided that any lesser sanction would not mark for fellow professionals who might find themselves in similar difficulties, the very serious implications of advancing a case such as that advanced by the Applicant.

Application for Restoration

11. On 01 December 2021, the Applicant applied to the HCPC to be restored to the Register. With his application, the Applicant provided a signed Updating Period Cover Sheet dated 1 December 2021 together with the relevant forms which indicate that he had completed 62 days of supervised practice, 28 days of formal study and 4 days of private study. There were two Supervised Practice Forms. The first was in relation to 30 days of supervised practice at Training Qualifications UK between 1 January 2020 and 31 January 2021. His supervisor, PJ, who is a registered Paramedic has also signed the form. The second was in relation to 32 days of supervised practice at the University of Central Lancashire in the Faculty of Health between 4 August 2021 and 19 November 2021. PJ remained the Applicant’s supervisor and has signed the form.

12. The Formal Study Forms completed by the Applicant show that he completed (i) 25 days on a Level 5 Observation Teaching and Learning course at Newton Webb Training in Leeds between 1 August 2020 and 19 July 2021, and (ii) 3 days on a Level 3 First Aid at Work course at Protraining Europe in Burnley between 19 April 2021 and 21 April 2021. The Private Study Form completed by the Applicant shows that he spent 4 days updating his knowledge of Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee (JRCALC) clinical practice guidelines. The Applicant researched basic and advanced life support techniques in adults and children. He also researched defibrillation and drug interventions during cardiac arrests and reversable causes that need to be considered. The Applicant stated that he then followed this up with “hands on” practice at the Clinical Laboratory at the University of Central Lancashire
(UCLan) where he was working. He observed other clinicians demonstrate the management of adult and paediatric emergencies. The Applicant also observed senior lecturers deliver training sessions to student paramedics.

13. In his application form, the Applicant also set out his employment history from 2010 to the current time. In 2010, the Applicant was involved with an Ofqual regulated training provider, delivering Diploma courses in areas such as medicines management, diabetes care, the moving and handling of people, and dementia care. The Applicant also supported CQC Registered Managers in the improvement of service provision and patient care.

14. Also in 2010, the Applicant founded TJS Solutions Ltd, initially as a ‘first aid’ training company before diversifying into other areas of healthcare. TJS Solutions Ltd still operates.

15. Between 2019 and 2021, the Applicant was appointed as an End-Point Assessor/Subject Matter Expert/Lead Internal Quality Assurer for Training Qualifications UK (TQUK). In his initial role as an End-Point Assessor, the Applicant assessed students’ knowledge, skills, and professionalism at the end of their training in a variety of subjects including Healthcare Support Worker, Senior Healthcare Support Worker, and Assistant Practitioner, across a range of specialist areas including emergency departments, operating theatres, primary care services and general medical wards.

16. In 2020, the Applicant was approached by Bury Clinical Commissioning Group/Bury Council to pilot a training programme entitled “Blended Roles” for over 100 staff who were employees of local care organisations, crisis care services and hospital staff. The Applicant developed the programme in association with District Nursing Teams and was focused on developing the knowledge and skills of care and support workers so that they could work autonomously to deliver pressure area care and wound care to service users. Following the successful conclusion of the trial, the Applicant has been recommissioned for 2022.

17. Also in 2020, the Applicant became an Internal Quality Assurer (QA) for Norwest Medical where his work includes observing the quality of planning and delivery of training and ensuring that assessments of proficiency meet the highest of standards, predominantly to their Paramedic Emergency Services staff across a variety of scopes of practice. This is an ongoing role.

18. In 2021, the Applicant undertook a number of roles. He joined Qualsafe Awards as an External Quality Assurer. In July 2021, he was also asked by North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) to project manage a piece of work which is focused on the development of bespoke, professional development opportunities for Paramedics to support their roles. The Applicant was also asked to join the UCLan as an Associate Lecturer on their BSc Paramedic Science programme. In this role, the Applicant has delivered lectures relating to “Leadership in Paramedic Practice” to final year students and been engaged in the practical training on subjects such as: patient communication, history taking, base line observations, and the use of diagnostic skills in the practice setting for first year students. UCLan has offered the Applicant a part-time role as a Lecturer in Paramedic Science. For this role, which is due to start in September 2022, UCLan want the Applicant to be a registered Paramedic.


19. The Panel heard evidence from the Applicant and from PJ, a registered Paramedic who acted as his supervisor during the 62 days of supervised practice as part of the Applicant’s application. The Panel has also seen a number of character references in support of the Applicant’s application for restoration.


20. The Applicant submitted that he should be restored to the Register and indicated that he has laid out his position during his evidence. In his evidence, the Applicant told the Panel that he deeply regretted the matter that had led to his being struck off the Register. He explained that after he had been struck off, he had taken about 10 months to reflect on what had happened before deciding that he could not wallow in self-pity. He then explained his employment history since 2010 and although he might have left the Register, he had never really left the profession in the sense that he remained involved in health and social care.

21. The Applicant contrasted his mental health at the time of the Allegation with how he is now. [redacted]. The Applicant acknowledged that at the relevant time he had not sought help or support from anyone and had found it difficult to talk openly about his problems. He told the Panel that he is now in a much better place [redacted]. Firstly, he would talk openly about such matters and secondly, he had a good network of support in family, friends, and colleague to whom he could turn.

22. The Applicant acknowledged that because of the amount of time he had been away from the profession, there were gaps in his skills and knowledge in relation to front line clinical practice and that he would need to “upskill” and be supported if he returned to such a role. The Applicant said that his work at UCLan would allow him to update his skills. When asked by the Panel about his intention to return to front line clinical work, the Applicant referred to a potential position with a private ambulance business where he would be a 3rd man on the crew until such time as he was able to safely practise as part of a 2-man crew. The Applicant accepted that “3rd manning” would not on its own be enough for him to regain the clinical skills required.

23. Ms Khorassani submitted that it was accepted that the Applicant had satisfactorily completed the requisite updating supervised practice and study requirements for restoration to the Register. She also submitted that the Applicant had accepted the matters that led to the original Allegation. Ms Khorassani accepted that the Registrant had developed insight and that he had reflected fully on his shortcomings and taken appropriate steps to remedy them.


24. In reaching its decision on this application for restoration, the Panel has had regard to the evidence and submissions of the Applicant, the submissions of the HCPC and to the HCPTS Practice Note “Restoration to the Register”. It has received and accepted legal advice.

25. The Panel is able to receive and consider the Applicant’s application for restoration to the Register because more than five years have elapsed since the striking off order made on 25 August 2009 came into effect. The Panel has approached its decision on the basis that the burden of proof is on the Applicant to show to the civil standard of proof that he meets the general requirements for registration and is a fit and proper person to practise as a Paramedic in light of the particular circumstances that led to the striking off order.

26. The Panel is satisfied that the Applicant meets the general requirements for registration. He has undertaken and completed 62 days of supervised practice in the 24 months prior to his application for restoration which was submitted on 1 December 2021. The Panel understands that due to the Covid-19 pandemic the HCPC has extended the period of time during which an applicant should complete supervised practice from 12 months to 24 months. The Panel heard evidence from PJ who supervised the Applicant in two different settings as referred to in paragraph 11 above.

27. In relation to whether the Applicant is a fit and proper person to practise as a Paramedic, the Panel is satisfied that the Applicant understands, and has done for some time now, why he was struck off the Register. The Applicant accepted at the relevant time that he had taken the Entonox cylinders. Another concern about him in the final hearing centred around the defence he had advanced to the Allegation, and that panel found that because of this, he lacked insight, and his integrity was compromised.

28. The Panel considers that since 2010 the Applicant has set about rebuilding his life, reputation, and professional credibility. It is satisfied that he has successfully achieved this and that he is well respected by his peers and colleagues. The emphasis of the Applicant’s work has been in education and training in the health and social care sectors where he has covered areas such as ethics and mental health. The Panel is satisfied that the Applicant has, during this time, gained good insight into the importance of integrity in the profession, and he has fully reflected on his past misconduct. The Panel is also fully satisfied that the Registrant has shown genuine remorse and regret for his misconduct.

29. The Panel has received very positive written testimonials/character references from four witnesses, and a fifth from PJ, from whom they also heard live evidence. These witness all support the application for restoration and speak of the Applicant’s professionalism and enthusiasm for his work.

30. The Panel has considered the steps taken by the Applicant to keep his professional knowledge and skills up to date. It notes that he acknowledges that because he has been away from the profession for a number of years, that he will need to continue updating his knowledge and skills. He has been responsible for designing and delivering relevant Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses to students and, in his new role at UCLan, he will be able to continue to access relevant courses and simulated practice to keep his professional knowledge and skills up to date. The Panel is confident that the Applicant understands his obligation to work within the scope of his practice by only working in the areas in which he has the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience for.

31. The Panel has concluded that the Applicant is a fit and proper person to practise as a Paramedic.

32. The Panel then considered whether it was possible for the Applicant to be unconditionally restored to the Register or whether his restoration should be conditional. The Panel is satisfied that for the reasons set out above, the Applicant should be unconditionally restored to the Register.




The Registrar is directed to restore the name of Timothy Standing (the Applicant) to the Paramedic Part of the Register, but restoration is only to take effect once the Applicant has:

(a) provided the Registrar with the information and declarations required for admission to the Register; and

(b) paid the prescribed restoration fee.

(c) satisfied the Registrar that, in relation to the Applicant, there is or will be in force appropriate cover under and indemnity arrangement.


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Hearing History

History of Hearings for Timothy J Standing

Date Panel Hearing type Outcomes / Status
17/06/2022 Conduct and Competence Committee Restoration Hearing Restored