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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
21/06/2018 Mr Dinakar Premkumar Physiotherapist Struck off
21/06/2018 Mr Anthony Morris Paramedic Hearing has not yet been held
21/06/2018 Miss Safiya Kara Social worker Interim Suspension
21/06/2018 Miss Lisa Chadwick Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
19/06/2018 Mr Christopher J Elliott Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
19/06/2018 Mr Thirunavukkarasu Selvaraj Physiotherapist Hearing has not yet been held
18/06/2018 Mrs Margaret Ndini-Smith Physiotherapist Conditions of Practice
18/06/2018 Mr David La Roche Paramedic Interim Suspension
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