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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
13/02/2020 Dr Annemarie Dalhuijsen-Bendijk Practitioner psychologist Interim Conditions of Practice
13/02/2020 Mr Jordan Butler Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
13/02/2020 Mr Robbie Fegan Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
12/02/2020 Mr Noel C Scott Paramedic Caution
11/02/2020 Mr Mohammed Seedat Paramedic Interim Suspension
11/02/2020 Dr Claire V M Evans-Williams Practitioner psychologist Adjourned part heard
11/02/2020 Mr Anthony Morris Paramedic Adjourned part heard
11/02/2020 Miss Ruth Jones Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
10/02/2020 Mr Akkara L Jose Occupational therapist Caution
10/02/2020 Mr Steven Gill Paramedic Struck off
07/02/2020 Mrs Daniela Ionescu Hearing aid dispenser Suspended
07/02/2020 Miss Jennifer Carlaw Speech and language therapist Conditions of Practice
07/02/2020 Mr Catalin Traian Lulea Practitioner psychologist Interim Suspension
06/02/2020 Miss Anne G Shawyer Occupational therapist Suspended
06/02/2020 Miss Maria-Paz Olivares Penroz Radiographer Adjourned
06/02/2020 Ms Denise Evans Occupational therapist Interim Suspension
06/02/2020 Mr Joe Davies Paramedic Interim Suspension
06/02/2020 Mr Ahsan Ali Hearing aid dispenser Interim Suspension
06/02/2020 Mr Christopher Marriott Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
06/02/2020 Mrs Deborah Perrin Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
06/02/2020 Mr Sipho Nkanyezi Paramedic Interim Suspension
03/02/2020 Miss Helen Jones Biomedical scientist Caution
03/02/2020 Mr Jack Nicholls Paramedic Struck off
03/02/2020 Miss Kudzai Makedenge Biomedical scientist Interim Conditions of Practice
31/01/2020 Mr Andrew Daffey Paramedic Interim Suspension
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