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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
16/12/2019 Mr Amine El-Bacha Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
16/12/2019 Mr John Wooliscroft Paramedic Interim Suspension
12/12/2019 Miss Deborah J Watson Occupational therapist Suspended
12/12/2019 Mr Christian Taylor Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
11/12/2019 Mr Daniel Plant Paramedic Interim Suspension
11/12/2019 Miss Kudakwashe Machingauta Biomedical scientist Interim Suspension
11/12/2019 Miss Rebecca Judge Speech and language therapist Interim Suspension
10/12/2019 Miss Mwaiwao L Kapito Radiographer Suspended
10/12/2019 Mr Andrea Franchini Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
10/12/2019 Ms Pinkie Uddin Speech and language therapist Interim Suspension
10/12/2019 Miss Katie Shinner Paramedic Suspended
09/12/2019 Mr Nicholas E Tyrrell Paramedic Interim Suspension
09/12/2019 Mrs Kathryn G Blake Physiotherapist Voluntary Removal agreed
09/12/2019 Mrs Jacqueline Daley Occupational therapist Suspended
09/12/2019 Mr James B Hurst Hearing aid dispenser Suspended
09/12/2019 Mr Christopher Marlow Cooper Paramedic Interim Suspension
09/12/2019 Mr Anthony Morris Paramedic Interim Suspension
09/12/2019 Miss Danielle Asnan Paramedic Suspended
06/12/2019 Mr Mohammad M Rahman Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
06/12/2019 Mrs Karen Phoenix Occupational therapist Struck off
06/12/2019 Mr Simon David Drew Paramedic Interim Suspension
06/12/2019 Miss Zoe L Flello Physiotherapist Suspended
06/12/2019 Mr Greg H Adderley Operating department practitioner Interim Conditions of Practice
05/12/2019 Mr David Colin Fisher Hearing aid dispenser Adjourned
05/12/2019 Miss Fiona Turner Paramedic Adjourned part heard
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