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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
04/12/2019 Mr Gary Evans Operating department practitioner Adjourned part heard
04/12/2019 Mr Martin P Lewis Interim Suspension
04/12/2019 Mr Peter D Thorneycroft Occupational therapist Struck off
03/12/2019 Mrs Kelly M Hunt Paramedic Adjourned
03/12/2019 Mr Ajeesh George Radiographer Suspended
02/12/2019 Mr Lee Martin Practitioner psychologist Conditions of Practice
02/12/2019 Mr Philip Ma Practitioner psychologist Struck off
02/12/2019 Mr Thomas Richard Sugarman Dietitian Suspended
29/11/2019 Mr James P Howard Occupational therapist Interim Suspension
29/11/2019 Dr Waseem Alladin Practitioner psychologist Adjourned part heard
29/11/2019 Mr Derek W Adam Paramedic Struck off
29/11/2019 Miss Anesu Dodzo Radiographer Suspended
29/11/2019 Miss Karen Bennetts Occupational therapist Suspended
28/11/2019 Ms Pauline E Pattinson Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
28/11/2019 Mr Ashok Chitte Sreenivas Physiotherapist Restoration not granted
27/11/2019 Mr Shaun P Healy Paramedic Struck off
27/11/2019 Miss Rebecca Judge Speech and language therapist Adjourned
26/11/2019 Mr Brian Simpson Operating department practitioner Voluntary Removal agreed
26/11/2019 Mrs Linda Jean Anderson Physiotherapist Hearing has not yet been held
26/11/2019 Mr Michael C Penney Paramedic Suspended
22/11/2019 Mr Kyle Robinson Occupational therapist Caution
22/11/2019 Mr Chesstty M Muntanga Radiographer Struck off
22/11/2019 Mr David R Cruickshanks Chiropodist / podiatrist Suspended
22/11/2019 Mr Robert Gray Hearing aid dispenser Struck off
21/11/2019 Miss Lucy J Bambridge Paramedic Struck off
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