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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
04/09/2019 Mr Michael Fernando Chiropodist / podiatrist Struck off
03/09/2019 Mr Brian Simpson Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
02/09/2019 Mrs Alice Treharne Speech and language therapist Conditions of Practice
02/09/2019 Mr Anthony M Glennon Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
30/08/2019 Miss Danielle Eustace Operating department practitioner Caution
30/08/2019 Mr Andrew Sandrasagra Interim Suspension
30/08/2019 Mr Andrew Barker Paramedic Struck off
30/08/2019 Mr Mark G Browes Physiotherapist Caution
30/08/2019 Dr Olga V Taylor Biomedical scientist Suspended
28/08/2019 Sister Helena M Ogbonna Biomedical scientist Voluntary Removal agreed
27/08/2019 Mr Elliot J Clarke Radiographer Suspended
27/08/2019 Mr Derek Adams Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
27/08/2019 Mr Derek W Adam Paramedic Interim Suspension
27/08/2019 Mr Peregrine Burgess Other
23/08/2019 Mr Jeffrey S Horn Radiographer Struck off
23/08/2019 Mr Lee Parkin Paramedic Struck off
22/08/2019 Miss Gabrielle L Concannon Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
20/08/2019 Mr Gareth E Williams Speech and language therapist Voluntary Removal agreed
20/08/2019 Mr Andrew M Davidson Physiotherapist Struck off
20/08/2019 Ms Sabrina Anderson Paramedic Adjourned
20/08/2019 Mr Alan D Campbell Paramedic Interim Suspension
16/08/2019 Mr Danny Robinson Clinical scientist Struck off
16/08/2019 Mrs Sarah Holt Paramedic Caution
16/08/2019 Mr Derek Adams Physiotherapist Adjourned
16/08/2019 Alexandra Claire Burns Physiotherapist Suspended
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