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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
14/02/2022 Daniel Banfield Paramedic Caution
14/02/2022 Ms Julie Haydon Occupational therapist Conditions of Practice
14/02/2022 Mr Julian Maher Paramedic Interim Suspension
14/02/2022 Mr Maksym Wojcieszek Paramedic Suspended
14/02/2022 Mr Sachin Pandya Paramedic Suspended
11/02/2022 Aparna Srivastava Dietitian Adjourned
11/02/2022 Mrs Sarah G Haynes Speech and language therapist Interim Suspension
11/02/2022 Miss Rachael A Newton Radiographer Interim Suspension
11/02/2022 Mr Steve Weeks Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
11/02/2022 Miss Emma Thompson Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
11/02/2022 Mr Peter Upton Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
10/02/2022 Mrs Annabelle Mitchell Occupational therapist Interim Suspension
10/02/2022 Mr Stefano Lombardi Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
09/02/2022 Miss Jennifer Carlaw Speech and language therapist Conditions of Practice
09/02/2022 Miss Anne G Shawyer Occupational therapist Struck off
08/02/2022 Mr Sipho Nkanyezi Paramedic Interim Suspension
08/02/2022 Mr John A Dowsing Paramedic Interim Suspension
07/02/2022 Dr Rosemary Steadman-Allen Practitioner psychologist Adjourned
04/02/2022 Anthony M Glennon Physiotherapist Adjourned part heard
04/02/2022 Anthony Morris Paramedic Conditions of Practice
03/02/2022 Ricardo Estee-Wale Practitioner psychologist Suspended
03/02/2022 Mr Simon A Lockyear Biomedical scientist Suspended
02/02/2022 Mr Arkadiusz Bodziany Paramedic Suspended
01/02/2022 Mr John R Dunwell Paramedic Interim Suspension
01/02/2022 Judit Magyar Physiotherapist Voluntary Removal agreed
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