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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
17/06/2019 Miss Katie Shinner Paramedic Suspended
14/06/2019 Mr Tongai Maiswa Occupational therapist Adjourned part heard
14/06/2019 Mr Darren Cornish Paramedic Interim Suspension
14/06/2019 Mrs Kielye L Mitchell Paramedic Suspended
14/06/2019 Mr Stephen R Lilley Chiropodist / podiatrist Adjourned
14/06/2019 Ms Nilima Thawait Social worker Struck off
14/06/2019 Mrs Shanta Kaur Mangat Social worker No further action
13/06/2019 Mr Purnoor S Bawa Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
13/06/2019 Mr Winston Abebrese Radiographer Caution
13/06/2019 Ms Rhoda Donkor Social worker Suspended
13/06/2019 Mr Mark Jonathan Dunham Social worker Voluntary Removal agreed
13/06/2019 Miss Teresa R Sinden Social worker Interim Suspension
12/06/2019 Ms Kerry Jane Barrett Social worker Adjourned part heard
12/06/2019 Mr Nicos A Kafkarkou Biomedical scientist Not well founded
12/06/2019 Mr Oodish K Dahal Biomedical scientist Suspended
11/06/2019 Mr Andrew P Uphill Hearing aid dispenser Interim Suspension
11/06/2019 Mr Lee John Newton Hearing aid dispenser Interim Suspension
07/06/2019 Mr Ian J MacFarlane Paramedic Adjourned part heard
07/06/2019 Mr Greg H Adderley Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
07/06/2019 Mr Christopher Marlow Cooper Paramedic Interim Suspension
06/06/2019 Mrs Shahina Tazeen Ahmad Social worker Adjourned
06/06/2019 Mr Dominic J Lambert Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
05/06/2019 Mr Stuart J Wright Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
05/06/2019 Mr David Skelton Social worker Struck off
05/06/2019 Miss Nichola Jane Evans Social worker Caution
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