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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
06/12/2018 Mr Adeyinka Adeshina Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
06/12/2018 Miss Yvonne M Hall Biomedical scientist Interim Suspension
06/12/2018 Miss Charlotte E Briggs Social worker Suspended
06/12/2018 Mr Purnoor S Bawa Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
05/12/2018 Miss Moya B Armstrong Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
05/12/2018 Miss Catherine Lucy Sullivan Social worker Struck off
05/12/2018 Mr Stuart Brown Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
05/12/2018 Mr Martin J Bomford Paramedic Interim Suspension
05/12/2018 Mr Kevin Waters Paramedic Caution
05/12/2018 Mr Jeremy Savidge Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
04/12/2018 Mrs Beth McDowall Occupational therapist Interim Suspension
04/12/2018 Mr Michael Fernando Chiropodist / podiatrist Interim Suspension
04/12/2018 Mr David La Roche Paramedic Interim Suspension
04/12/2018 Miss Karen Bennetts Occupational therapist Suspended
04/12/2018 Mr Carl Gordon Riley Social worker Interim Suspension
04/12/2018 Mr Nicholas E Tyrrell Paramedic Interim Suspension
04/12/2018 Mr Derek W Adam Paramedic Adjourned
04/12/2018 Miss Sarah Higgins Paramedic Interim Suspension
04/12/2018 Miss Lisa Webdale Social worker Interim Suspension
03/12/2018 Mr Sean Patrick Kershaw Social worker Interim Suspension
03/12/2018 Miss Barbara Lule Social worker Interim Suspension
03/12/2018 Mr Lee Martin Practitioner psychologist Interim Conditions of Practice
30/11/2018 Mrs Vrushali Rajnish Jiyaviya Social worker No further action
30/11/2018 Mr Colin Eric Croft Social worker Adjourned
30/11/2018 Mrs Shahina Tazeen Ahmad Social worker Interim Conditions of Practice
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