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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
11/07/2022 Samuel Watson Paramedic Adjourned
08/07/2022 Mr Paul Bower Biomedical scientist Interim Suspension
08/07/2022 John Junior Shakes Biomedical scientist Adjourned part heard
08/07/2022 Mr Robert Woodruff Interim Suspension
07/07/2022 Michael Walters Paramedic Suspended
07/07/2022 Mr Gavin Wood Paramedic Interim Suspension
07/07/2022 Gary Ellis Paramedic Struck off
07/07/2022 Mrs Grace Masih Biomedical scientist Suspended
05/07/2022 Mr Jordan Grey Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
04/07/2022 Miss Jessica Silvester Paramedic Interim Suspension
04/07/2022 Miss Ruth Lambert Interim Suspension
04/07/2022 Miss Nicola Hemple Occupational therapist Adjourned
01/07/2022 Mr Ciaran Gaffney Clinical scientist Interim Suspension
01/07/2022 Patricia A Brady Paramedic Adjourned part heard
01/07/2022 Mr Christopher Doe Operating department practitioner Adjourned
01/07/2022 Mr Waqas Ahmad Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
30/06/2022 Lucy Gibson-Hill Arts therapist Suspended
30/06/2022 Mr Daniel Wright Physiotherapist Struck off
30/06/2022 Andrew Martindale Paramedic Struck off
28/06/2022 Miss Amanda Buffery Occupational therapist Caution
27/06/2022 Janie E Murphy Occupational therapist Adjourned
27/06/2022 Patience Stella Ncube Occupational therapist Adjourned part heard
27/06/2022 Mr Lars Stuewe Paramedic No further action
24/06/2022 Sheena Bronwen Thorpe Sprakes Paramedic Voluntary Removal agreed
24/06/2022 Mr Ashley Edward Williamson Paramedic No further action
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