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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
02/08/2019 Mr Afzal Hussain Khalifa Social worker Interim Suspension
01/08/2019 Mrs Alison J Sutherland Paramedic Interim Suspension
01/08/2019 Mr Stuart Evans Physiotherapist Caution
01/08/2019 Mrs Myriam Ghislaine Bamkin Social worker Struck off
01/08/2019 Ms Victoria M Peplow Social worker Suspended
31/07/2019 Mr Alexander Buckley Paramedic Interim Suspension
31/07/2019 Mrs Pauline Wilson Operating department practitioner Voluntary Removal agreed
31/07/2019 Mr Mohammed Seedat Paramedic Interim Suspension
31/07/2019 Mrs Tracey Hatton Biomedical scientist Interim Suspension
31/07/2019 Mr Rafal Piotrak Paramedic Interim Suspension
30/07/2019 Mrs Sally Amanda Smith Social worker Interim Conditions of Practice
30/07/2019 Mr Ricky Ward Operating department practitioner Hearing has not yet been held
29/07/2019 Mr Santhakumar Senthilvelu Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
29/07/2019 Mr Andrea Franchini Physiotherapist Caution
29/07/2019 Miss Nichola Jane Evans Social worker Struck off
29/07/2019 Mr Wayne Pattinson Radiographer Interim Conditions of Practice
29/07/2019 Mr Christopher J Walsh Radiographer Interim Suspension
29/07/2019 Miss Sharmiane Claudette Drackett Social worker Struck off
26/07/2019 Ms Pauline Pamela Ashton Social worker Interim Suspension
26/07/2019 Mr Joshua L Foster Interim Suspension
26/07/2019 Mr Martin Christopher Ferris Social worker Hearing has not yet been held
26/07/2019 Mrs Sarah N Fisher Physiotherapist Struck off
26/07/2019 Mr Colin R Parr Operating department practitioner Struck off
26/07/2019 Miss Hayley North Social worker Suspended
26/07/2019 Mr Ramadan Ahmeti Social worker Interim Suspension
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