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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
22/05/2020 Miss Karen Dhanjal Biomedical scientist Suspended
22/05/2020 Miss Fiona M Watson Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
21/05/2020 Mr James A Bramwell Paramedic Adjourned
21/05/2020 Mr Richard J Dodd Paramedic Interim Suspension
21/05/2020 Miss Sharon J Byrne Occupational therapist Adjourned
21/05/2020 Mr Stewart Smith Paramedic Interim Suspension
20/05/2020 Mrs Sylvia N Abaokporo Radiographer Adjourned
20/05/2020 Dr Elise Rivlin Practitioner psychologist Suspended
19/05/2020 Ms Elisa Stevens Paramedic Interim Suspension
19/05/2020 Mr Marin Stinca Physiotherapist Struck off
18/05/2020 Mr John Goodall Paramedic Hearing has not yet been held
18/05/2020 Mr Akbar Dada Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
18/05/2020 Mr Kevin Edward Hatt Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
15/05/2020 Mrs Annabelle Mitchell Occupational therapist Interim Conditions of Practice
15/05/2020 Mr Julian Maher Paramedic Interim Suspension
15/05/2020 Mr Mundatta Nundoo Operating department practitioner Suspended
14/05/2020 Mr Ian Stephen Practitioner psychologist Interim Suspension
12/05/2020 Mr Joshua L Foster Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
11/05/2020 Ms Perminder Kaur Operating department practitioner Hearing has not yet been held
07/05/2020 Mr Alan D Campbell Paramedic Struck off
06/05/2020 Miss Rachel Brameld Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
06/05/2020 Mr Derek Adams Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
04/05/2020 Mr Paul J Halfacre Operating department practitioner Suspended
01/05/2020 Miss Yvonne M Hall Biomedical scientist Suspended
01/05/2020 Mr Adeyinka Adeshina Physiotherapist Struck off
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