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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
21/12/2022 Mr Alan Deakin Paramedic Interim Suspension
21/12/2022 Mr Danny Jennings Paramedic Interim Suspension
20/12/2022 Christopher Doe Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
20/12/2022 Robert Woodruff Paramedic Interim Suspension
20/12/2022 Mr Nicholas M Yule Radiographer Interim Suspension
20/12/2022 Mr James G Black Operating department practitioner Struck off
20/12/2022 Carl New Paramedic Caution
20/12/2022 Mr Waqas Ahmad Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
20/12/2022 Mr Karl Taber Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
20/12/2022 Julian N Cotton Paramedic Interim Suspension
19/12/2022 Miss Munirah Sulaiman Dietitian Adjourned
19/12/2022 Surinder Singh-Digpal Radiographer Restoration not granted
19/12/2022 Yannek Benson Paramedic Adjourned
16/12/2022 Mahinder S Rooproy Radiographer Adjourned part heard
16/12/2022 Mr Matthew Joseph Radiographer Interim Suspension
16/12/2022 Mr Kiran John Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
16/12/2022 Michael Walters Paramedic No further action
16/12/2022 James Bugg Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
15/12/2022 Kelly L Madden Biomedical scientist Suspended
15/12/2022 Mrs Sharon L Docherty Physiotherapist Suspended
14/12/2022 Mr Adrian P Harding Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
14/12/2022 Ms Doris Anne Jones Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
14/12/2022 Mr Jonathan Chaplin Radiographer Interim Suspension
14/12/2022 Simeon Agbonkhina Biomedical scientist Restoration not granted
14/12/2022 Mr Amine El-Bacha Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
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