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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
30/08/2019 Mrs Josephine Veronica Tait Social worker Suspended
30/08/2019 Miss Nuala Hayes Social worker Interim Suspension
30/08/2019 Dr Olga V Taylor Biomedical scientist Suspended
29/08/2019 Mrs Natalie James Social worker Suspended
29/08/2019 Mr Laurence Andrew D'Annunzio Social worker Adjourned
29/08/2019 Mrs Jacqueline Ann-Marie Wedderburn-Crooks Social worker Adjourned
29/08/2019 Mr Ian Rigg Social worker Struck off
29/08/2019 Mr Michael Edward Thornton Social worker Interim Conditions of Practice
28/08/2019 Sister Helena M Ogbonna Biomedical scientist Voluntary Removal agreed
27/08/2019 Mr Elliot J Clarke Radiographer Suspended
27/08/2019 Miss Lisa Webdale Social worker Interim Suspension
27/08/2019 Ms Andrea Stockdale Social worker Interim Conditions of Practice
27/08/2019 Mrs Winifred Janet Little Social worker Conditions of Practice
27/08/2019 Mr Derek Adams Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
27/08/2019 Mr Derek W Adam Paramedic Interim Suspension
27/08/2019 Mr Peregrine Burgess Other
27/08/2019 Ms Charmaine Morgan Social worker Interim Suspension
23/08/2019 Ms Yvonne Frankum Social worker Suspended
23/08/2019 Mr Jeffrey S Horn Radiographer Struck off
23/08/2019 Miss Dorothy Ribombo Social worker Conditions of Practice
23/08/2019 Mr Lee Parkin Paramedic Struck off
22/08/2019 Mrs Angela Bell Social worker Struck off
22/08/2019 Miss Gabrielle L Concannon Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
21/08/2019 Mrs Michele Gerard Social worker Struck off
21/08/2019 Mrs Arwina Dela Cruz Loquero Social worker Interim Suspension
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