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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
07/11/2018 Miss Lynne Bronwyn Johnson Social worker Interim Suspension
06/11/2018 Mrs Jane Onoh Radiographer Interim Conditions of Practice
06/11/2018 Miss Selina Conway Paramedic Suspended
06/11/2018 Mr Terry J Hindmarch Occupational therapist Adjourned part heard
06/11/2018 Mr Michael Mckechnie Operating department practitioner Struck off
06/11/2018 Mr Jonathan Parish Occupational therapist Conditions of Practice
05/11/2018 Mr Michael Giakoumis Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
05/11/2018 Julie Ann Taylor Social worker Suspended
05/11/2018 Mr John Harold Bisson Occupational therapist Adjourned
05/11/2018 Mr David Antony Emmett Hearing aid dispenser Interim Suspension
02/11/2018 Mr Simon White Physiotherapist Hearing has not yet been held
02/11/2018 Mr Simon J Walmsley Biomedical scientist Conditions of Practice
02/11/2018 Mr Pankaj Gupta Social worker Interim Suspension
02/11/2018 Mr Alan D Campbell Paramedic Adjourned
02/11/2018 Mrs Savitri Panwar Social worker Interim Suspension
02/11/2018 Mrs Melanie Parton Chiropodist / podiatrist Interim Suspension
02/11/2018 Dr Waseem Alladin Practitioner psychologist Interim Suspension
01/11/2018 Mrs Beverley Corinna Convery Social worker Voluntary Removal agreed
01/11/2018 Mr Christopher Byrne Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
01/11/2018 Mr Wilson Huelgas Radiographer Suspended
01/11/2018 Mrs Shahina Tazeen Ahmad Social worker Adjourned
01/11/2018 Mr Adam Chamberlain Biomedical scientist Suspended
31/10/2018 Mrs Aminah Migisa Radiographer Interim Conditions of Practice
31/10/2018 Mr Simon White Physiotherapist Voluntary Removal agreed
31/10/2018 Mr Steven Gill Paramedic Interim Suspension
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