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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
22/06/2022 Mr Paul Winfield Paramedic Suspended
21/06/2022 Mrs Sarah Melville Chiropodist / podiatrist Interim Suspension
21/06/2022 Paul Willshire Occupational therapist Caution
20/06/2022 Mr Wojciech Zakrzewski Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
20/06/2022 Mr Eifion Howatson Paramedic Interim Suspension
20/06/2022 Mr Alan Deakin Paramedic Interim Suspension
17/06/2022 Mrs Dawn Earp Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
17/06/2022 Julian N Cotton Paramedic Interim Suspension
17/06/2022 Timothy J Standing Paramedic Restored
17/06/2022 Kavita Bargota Dietitian Restored with Conditions of Practice
17/06/2022 Mr Greg H Adderley Operating department practitioner Interim Conditions of Practice
16/06/2022 Mr James Bugg Operating department practitioner Interim Conditions of Practice
16/06/2022 Elizabeth S Kincaid Occupational therapist Voluntary Removal agreed
16/06/2022 Ms Rosamund Emerson Speech and language therapist Voluntary Removal agreed
16/06/2022 Miss Gabrielle L Concannon Paramedic Adjourned part heard
16/06/2022 Sarah Sikpa Practitioner psychologist Adjourned part heard
15/06/2022 Mr Rafal Piotrak Paramedic Suspended
14/06/2022 Samuel Watson Paramedic Adjourned
13/06/2022 Mr Jonathan C Jarrett Paramedic Other
10/06/2022 Kathryne Elizabeth Corlett Paramedic Voluntary Removal agreed
10/06/2022 Miss Debbie Porter Paramedic Suspended
10/06/2022 Trevor M Walsh Paramedic Conditions of Practice
10/06/2022 Mr Richard Philp Operating department practitioner Adjourned part heard
09/06/2022 Mr Kyle Robinson Occupational therapist Adjourned part heard
09/06/2022 Mrs Kielye L Mitchell Paramedic Suspended
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