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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
12/12/2018 Mr Steve Weeks Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
12/12/2018 Mr Joe Davies Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
11/12/2018 Mr Stephen K Page Paramedic Interim Suspension
11/12/2018 Mr Richard M Hook Paramedic Interim Suspension
11/12/2018 Mrs Karen Kersey-Smith Social worker Interim Suspension
11/12/2018 Mr Shaun Devlin Social worker Struck off
11/12/2018 Mrs Marjorie Lois Reid Social worker Adjourned
11/12/2018 Ms Angeleque Marie Morgan Social worker Suspended
11/12/2018 Mr Lawrence Matenga Social worker Interim Suspension
11/12/2018 Miss Danielle Asnan Paramedic Suspended
11/12/2018 Mrs Lisa H Bullock Social worker Suspended
10/12/2018 Dr Olga V Taylor Biomedical scientist Suspended
10/12/2018 Mr Leonard Ren-Yi Yong Social worker Interim Suspension
10/12/2018 Mr Kristian Williams Paramedic Struck off
10/12/2018 Miss Zoe L Flello Practitioner psychologist Suspended
10/12/2018 Miss Safiya Kara Social worker Adjourned
10/12/2018 Mrs Victoria J Booth Radiographer Interim Suspension
07/12/2018 Mr Stewart A Taylor Social worker Interim Suspension
07/12/2018 Ms Jennifer Louise Jeffery Social worker Conditions of Practice
07/12/2018 Miss Deborah J Watson Occupational therapist Suspended
07/12/2018 Mr Colin G Towner Occupational therapist Struck off
07/12/2018 Mrs Debbie Leadbitter Social worker Interim Suspension
06/12/2018 Mr Collins Esona Biomedical scientist Interim Conditions of Practice
06/12/2018 Ms Lucy May McGarrity Social worker Suspended
06/12/2018 Mr Ajeesh George Radiographer Suspended
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