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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
25/10/2018 Mr Nicholas Constantine Cort Social worker Interim Suspension
25/10/2018 Mr Paul R Hicks Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
25/10/2018 Mr Stephen P Johnson Social worker Suspended
24/10/2018 Ms Caroline Chirimuuta Social worker Adjourned part heard
24/10/2018 Mrs Jacqueline C Wozniak Biomedical scientist Interim Suspension
24/10/2018 Mr Anthony Morris Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
24/10/2018 Mrs Laura Rachel Chandler Social worker Interim Suspension
24/10/2018 Mr John Goodall Paramedic Other
24/10/2018 Miss Nana Akosua Amo Social worker Adjourned
24/10/2018 Mr Christopher Milton Biomedical scientist Interim Conditions of Practice
23/10/2018 Michael Penney Paramedic Adjourned
23/10/2018 Miss M Lourdes Alvarez Danon Social worker Interim Suspension
23/10/2018 Ms Rekha Sarker Bennett Social worker Interim Suspension
23/10/2018 Miss M Lourdes Alvarez Danon Social worker Hearing has not yet been held
23/10/2018 Mr Simon J Cartland Social worker Interim Suspension
23/10/2018 Mrs Jean A Picton-Bentley Physiotherapist Adjourned
22/10/2018 Mrs Sandhya Yatham Venkataramana Dietitian Interim Conditions of Practice
22/10/2018 Dr Janet Rich Practitioner psychologist Adjourned
22/10/2018 Mr Jonathan Mills Social worker Caution
22/10/2018 Mr Abiodun M Oloyede Radiographer Conditions of Practice
22/10/2018 Mr Kenneth Moore Social worker Interim Suspension
22/10/2018 Miss Marion Hazel Le Cornu Physiotherapist Struck off
22/10/2018 Mr Stephen Gardiner Chiropodist / podiatrist Interim Suspension
19/10/2018 Mr Keith Ian Hemans Social worker Interim Suspension
19/10/2018 Mrs Sarah Holt Paramedic Adjourned
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