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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
01/11/2022 Mr Alexander Long Paramedic Suspended
01/11/2022 Richard L Scott Biomedical scientist Interim Suspension
31/10/2022 Ms Alison Golledge Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
31/10/2022 Dr Tessa de Reuck Practitioner psychologist Voluntary Removal agreed
31/10/2022 Monir Ahmed Practitioner psychologist Adjourned part heard
31/10/2022 Jonathan Chaplin Radiographer Adjourned
31/10/2022 Paul D Charlton Paramedic Interim Suspension
31/10/2022 Mr Robin Hains Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
31/10/2022 Benjamin Shepherd Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
31/10/2022 Simon T Standen Paramedic Interim Suspension
28/10/2022 Richard Philp Operating department practitioner Adjourned part heard
28/10/2022 John Young Paramedic Struck off
28/10/2022 Nicholas E Tyrrell Paramedic Struck off
28/10/2022 Dr Robert Lambert - Simpson Practitioner psychologist Interim Suspension
28/10/2022 David Osiagwu Biomedical scientist Other
27/10/2022 Thomas McGuinn Radiographer Adjourned
27/10/2022 Mr Julian Maher Paramedic Struck off
26/10/2022 Robert W J Field Paramedic Caution
25/10/2022 Miss Clara Clyd Cosning Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
24/10/2022 Steven Messenger Paramedic Interim Suspension
24/10/2022 Paul S Parsons Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
21/10/2022 Jane Saxton Clinical scientist Voluntary Removal agreed
21/10/2022 Wesley Weathers Paramedic Conditions of Practice
21/10/2022 Miss Elizabeth J Hodges Radiographer Suspended
21/10/2022 Ms Kumarini Fonseka Biomedical scientist Interim Conditions of Practice
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