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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
01/08/2022 Ms Umalini Kathirgamanathan Occupational therapist Restored with Conditions of Practice
01/08/2022 Mrs Diane-Marie Banks Hearing aid dispenser Interim Suspension
01/08/2022 Mrs Elena Birrell Paramedic Interim Suspension
01/08/2022 Mr Ahsan Ali Hearing aid dispenser Interim Suspension
29/07/2022 Mr Christopher Doe Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
29/07/2022 Mrs Petya B Somerville Radiographer Struck off
29/07/2022 Miss Alison Golledge Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
29/07/2022 Dr Robert Lambert-Simpson Practitioner psychologist Suspended
29/07/2022 Ms Joanna Dunn Operating department practitioner Adjourned
29/07/2022 Mr Jack Demetriou Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
28/07/2022 Mr Sajid Ahmed Operating department practitioner Conditions of Practice
28/07/2022 Mr Patrick Ndeze Radiographer Caution
28/07/2022 Mr Samuel Heenan Paramedic Suspended
28/07/2022 Mr Samuel Watson Paramedic Interim Suspension
27/07/2022 Mr Ashir Patel Radiographer Struck off
27/07/2022 Mr Michael J Scott Arts therapist Interim Suspension
27/07/2022 Mr Mark Wogan Arts therapist Interim Suspension
26/07/2022 Mrs Kelly Weir Operating department practitioner Suspended
26/07/2022 Mr Benjamin Shepherd Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
26/07/2022 Candice Price Paramedic Suspended
26/07/2022 Mr Ian R Lawson Chiropodist / podiatrist Voluntary Removal agreed
26/07/2022 Mr Simon T Standen Paramedic Interim Suspension
25/07/2022 Mr Mahinder S Rooproy Radiographer Adjourned part heard
25/07/2022 Miss Sharon J Byrne Occupational therapist Interim Conditions of Practice
25/07/2022 Mrs Sarah L Newman Occupational therapist Other
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