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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
18/06/2018 Mr Dinakar Premkumar Physiotherapist Struck off
17/06/2018 Mr Mark L O'Toole Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
15/06/2018 Mr Stephen G Morgan Occupational therapist Hearing has not yet been held
15/06/2018 Ms Anne Margaret Davies Social worker Conditions of Practice
15/06/2018 Mr Peters O Aremu Biomedical scientist Suspended
15/06/2018 Mr Ajeesh George Radiographer Interim Suspension
15/06/2018 Ms Denise Evans Occupational therapist Interim Suspension
14/06/2018 Mrs Julie Newton Social worker Suspended
14/06/2018 Ms Doreen Munsanda Mudenda Social worker Struck off
14/06/2018 Belinda P Quinlan Physiotherapist Caution
14/06/2018 Mr Paul Hardy Paramedic Struck off
14/06/2018 Mrs Moya B Armstrong Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
13/06/2018 Dr Rachel Leeke Practitioner psychologist Caution
12/06/2018 Miss Paru Vekaria Occupational therapist Suspended
11/06/2018 Miss Ashley Wiseman Social worker Interim Suspension
11/06/2018 Mr Michael J Wise Paramedic Hearing has not yet been held
11/06/2018 Mr Stephen Patrick Burney Social worker Adjourned part heard
11/06/2018 Mrs Rebeca-Daniela Obada Social worker Struck off
11/06/2018 Mr Darrel J Dimond Paramedic Struck off
11/06/2018 Miss Lisa Webdale Social worker Interim Suspension
08/06/2018 Mr Chetin Kaya Hussyin Social worker Interim Suspension
08/06/2018 Mr Dominic J Lambert Paramedic Interim Suspension
08/06/2018 Miss Dorothea Jones Social worker Adjourned
08/06/2018 Mr Mark Jonathan Dunham Social worker Suspended
08/06/2018 Mr Paul R Butler Occupational therapist Voluntary Removal agreed