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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
26/03/2018 Mr Ross Tomlinson Operating department practitioner Caution
26/03/2018 Lisa Chadwick Paramedic Interim Suspension
26/03/2018 Anthony Morris Paramedic Interim Suspension
26/03/2018 Mrs Lisa H Bullock Social worker Suspended
26/03/2018 Mr Gavin Joel Fothergill Social worker Conditions of Practice
26/03/2018 Mr Nicholas John Barnes Social worker Adjourned part heard
23/03/2018 Mr David La Roche Paramedic Interim Suspension
22/03/2018 Mr George Adrian Paul Mole Social worker Interim Conditions of Practice
22/03/2018 Mr Bernard Watkins Biomedical scientist Struck off
21/03/2018 Mr Stephen K Page Paramedic Interim Suspension
21/03/2018 Mr David B Glenton Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
21/03/2018 Mr Stewart A Taylor Social worker Interim Suspension
21/03/2018 Mr Alexander Joseph Colliety Operating department practitioner Struck off
21/03/2018 Ms Sarah Sikpa Practitioner psychologist Suspended
20/03/2018 Miss Moya B Armstrong Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
20/03/2018 Mr Thirunavukkarasu Selvaraj Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
20/03/2018 Miss Edna Janet Iyamedai Thomas Social worker Struck off
19/03/2018 Mrs Debbie Leadbitter Social worker Interim Suspension
19/03/2018 Mr Salim M Ahmaida Makhlouf Operating department practitioner Suspended
19/03/2018 Mr Jonathan A D Bowden Social worker Caution
19/03/2018 Mrs Kelly Coburn Occupational therapist Voluntary Removal agreed
19/03/2018 Mr Richard J Mckeand Paramedic Caution
19/03/2018 Ms Angeleque Marie Morgan Social worker Hearing has not yet been held
16/03/2018 Miss Teresa R Sinden Social worker Adjourned
16/03/2018 Richard Silvioli Dietitian Caution