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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
12/09/2017 Mrs Victoria J Booth Radiographer Interim Suspension
12/09/2017 Miss Kate E Gibson Radiographer Interim Suspension
12/09/2017 Mr Stuart J Wright Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
12/09/2017 Mr Kevin A Sharratt Social worker Suspended
12/09/2017 Kelly Anne Wheldrick Social worker Suspended
12/09/2017 Mr Eric Spencer Paramedic Interim Suspension
11/09/2017 Mr Brian D Heard Paramedic Hearing has not yet been held
11/09/2017 Mr Rakesh Chumber Biomedical scientist Struck off
11/09/2017 Mrs Katharine Wilson Social worker Conditions of Practice
11/09/2017 Miss Obianuju Onuigbo Physiotherapist Adjourned
11/09/2017 Mr Daniel Smith Social worker Suspended
08/09/2017 Mr Dinakar Premkumar Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
08/09/2017 Dr Mohinder J Surdhar Physiotherapist Hearing has not yet been held
08/09/2017 Mr Sean Patrick Kershaw Social worker Interim Suspension
08/09/2017 Ms Emma Jane Walsham Social worker Interim Suspension
08/09/2017 Mrs Dawn Annmarie Webb-Desouza Social worker Interim Suspension
07/09/2017 Sherrill Roseclaire Bryan Social worker Interim Suspension
07/09/2017 Mr Gary Evans Paramedic Suspended
07/09/2017 Arwina Dela Cruz Loquero Social worker Interim Suspension
06/09/2017 Mr Clifford James Anderson Hearing aid dispenser Hearing has not yet been held
05/09/2017 Miss Louise Loftus Social worker Interim Suspension
05/09/2017 Rebecca Grundy Social worker Caution
05/09/2017 Mr Patrick Nyamushonyongora Social worker Caution
05/09/2017 Mrs Elizabeth Ellen Bowden Social worker Interim Suspension
04/09/2017 Mr Kenneth Moore Social worker Interim Suspension