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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
08/06/2018 Miss Katie Shinner Paramedic Suspended
08/06/2018 Mr Mark G Troy Occupational therapist Conditions of Practice
08/06/2018 Ms Sarah Helen Goldby Social worker Suspended
07/06/2018 Mrs Rachel Bruce Speech and language therapist Voluntary Removal agreed
07/06/2018 Howard Wilson-Mudarikwa Social worker Interim Suspension
07/06/2018 Mrs Deborah D Bonner Social worker Interim Suspension
07/06/2018 Mr Angus Welsh Social worker Interim Suspension
07/06/2018 Miss Thandiwe Josephine Sibanda Social worker Adjourned
06/06/2018 Miss Safiya Kara Social worker Adjourned
06/06/2018 Mr Joseph Anthony Rowe Social worker Interim Suspension
06/06/2018 Ms Janine Thomas Occupational therapist Interim Suspension
05/06/2018 Mr Santhakumar Senthilvelu Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
05/06/2018 Mr Karl D Travis Chiropodist / podiatrist Adjourned
05/06/2018 Mr Derek W Adam Paramedic Interim Suspension
05/06/2018 Mr Dinakar Premkumar Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
04/06/2018 Alexander Buckley Paramedic Interim Suspension
04/06/2018 Kelvin Fletcher Operating department practitioner Struck off
04/06/2018 Ms Elif Clarke Practitioner psychologist Conditions of Practice
04/06/2018 Mr Gavin S Hutchison Social worker Struck off
04/06/2018 Mr Jason Keers Physiotherapist Suspended
01/06/2018 Mr David P Cardwell Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
01/06/2018 Mrs Pauline Stidwill Social worker Struck off
01/06/2018 Mrs Bernadette M Dinkin Social worker Suspended
01/06/2018 Miss Anne Margaret O'Connor Social worker Suspended
01/06/2018 Ms Paula Hutchinson Operating department practitioner Conditions of Practice