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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
14/08/2017 Mr Justin Williams Operating department practitioner Suspended
10/08/2017 Peregrine Burgess Dietitian Interim Suspension
09/08/2017 Mr Erwin Van Hooijdonk Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
07/08/2017 Mr Markus Themessl-Huber Practitioner psychologist Struck off
07/08/2017 Mr Adel Abdel Razeq Physiotherapist Struck off
03/08/2017 Mr Mohammad M Rahman Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
31/07/2017 Miss Glenda E Davies Paramedic Suspended
31/07/2017 Mr Gary C Elliott Dietitian Suspended
31/07/2017 Mr Paul N Coxon Hearing aid dispenser Struck off
28/07/2017 Mrs Lyndsey J McConnell Speech and language therapist Struck off
27/07/2017 John Walton Hearing aid dispenser Struck off
26/07/2017 Miss Anuradha Megpara Chiropodist / podiatrist Struck off
25/07/2017 Mr Christopher Losinski Occupational therapist Suspended
20/07/2017 Boban Rodolph Physiotherapist Restoration not granted
17/07/2017 Mr Wayne T Williams Chiropodist / podiatrist Adjourned
17/07/2017 Mrs Jane M Little Radiographer Suspended
14/07/2017 Arul Rathina Physiotherapist Restoration not granted
11/07/2017 Mr Terence J Whitehead Occupational therapist Voluntary Removal agreed
10/07/2017 Mr Laurence P Milton Paramedic Suspended
10/07/2017 Dr Donna Schelewa Practitioner psychologist Voluntary Removal agreed
03/07/2017 Mr Inderjit Singh Sagar Chiropodist / podiatrist Adjourned
30/06/2017 Mr Brian J Watkins Paramedic Entry amended
30/06/2017 Mr Thomas Mcnally Paramedic Struck off
29/06/2017 Miss Sarah Allinson Speech and language therapist Voluntary Removal agreed
27/06/2017 Miss Rebecca J D Overton-Applebee Operating department practitioner Suspended
27/06/2017 Mr Andrew Rowley Paramedic Voluntary Removal agreed
26/06/2017 Mrs Kerri S Clark Occupational therapist Suspended
26/06/2017 Mrs Joy Lytham Operating department practitioner Voluntary Removal agreed
22/06/2017 Nahashon Ngugi Ngugi Occupational therapist Suspended
19/06/2017 Mrs Margaret E Ndini-Smith Physiotherapist Conditions of Practice
19/06/2017 Mr Peters O Aremu Biomedical scientist Suspended
12/06/2017 Mr Kieran McDermott Physiotherapist Suspended
09/06/2017 Mr Debajit Sen Clinical scientist Interim Suspension
09/06/2017 Miss Katie Shinner Paramedic Suspended
08/06/2017 Mr Colin G Towner Occupational therapist Suspended
07/06/2017 Mr Stephen Gardiner Chiropodist / podiatrist Restored
06/06/2017 Mrs Edna Pool Paramedic Suspended
30/05/2017 Mr Johnathan Knight Paramedic Restored
30/05/2017 Miss Janine Santos Physiotherapist Suspended
22/05/2017 Mr Michael A Small Operating department practitioner Suspended
17/05/2017 Mr Erwin Van Hooijdonk Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
16/05/2017 Mr James A Bramwell Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
15/05/2017 Catrina Thomson Operating department practitioner Suspended
08/05/2017 Lynne Broadbent Biomedical scientist Suspended
08/05/2017 Mr Boben Zacharia Physiotherapist Suspended
21/04/2017 Mrs Yogini Rajoo Radiographer Suspended
19/04/2017 Miss Marion Hazel Le Cornu Physiotherapist Suspended
18/04/2017 Ruth E Yorkston Occupational therapist Suspended
10/04/2017 Michael D Hampton Biomedical scientist Suspended
10/04/2017 Dr Ewa Oboho Practitioner psychologist Conditions of Practice
10/04/2017 Mr John Walton Hearing aid dispenser Suspended
31/03/2017 Mrs Amy L Mawson Occupational therapist Suspended
29/03/2017 Mr Peter Fletcher Physiotherapist Adjourned
28/03/2017 Mr William Santos Radiographer Suspended
27/03/2017 Victoria J Allen Radiographer Suspended
24/03/2017 Eveline W Drummond Radiographer Interim Suspension
20/03/2017 Mr Philip L Shaw Hearing aid dispenser Suspended
20/03/2017 Cavel Callender Operating department practitioner Suspended
15/03/2017 Fiona E Morrison Operating department practitioner Suspended
14/03/2017 Mrs Christy A Henderson Radiographer Suspended
10/03/2017 Mrs Rachel Bruce Speech and language therapist Suspended
09/03/2017 Mr Stephen E Meyern Paramedic Conditions of Practice
06/03/2017 Mr Konrad Sikorski Physiotherapist Suspended
06/03/2017 Mr Senu T Sejoro Radiographer Suspended
06/03/2017 Mrs Sonya Wheatley Paramedic Suspended
27/02/2017 Mr David W H Morris Speech and language therapist Suspended
27/02/2017 Mr Carl W Fisher Paramedic Suspended
24/02/2017 Mr John E Shaw Paramedic Suspended
20/02/2017 Miss Sarah Neita Occupational therapist Conditions of Practice
20/02/2017 Miss Jennifer Rankin Chiropodist / podiatrist Suspended
20/02/2017 Mr Christopher J Turner Paramedic Suspended
20/02/2017 Mr Gareth E Williams Speech and language therapist Conditions of Practice
16/02/2017 Mrs Denise Whitworth Practitioner psychologist Suspended
15/02/2017 Mr Justin Williams Operating department practitioner Suspended
09/02/2017 Mr David S Mee Paramedic Conditions of Practice
02/02/2017 Mr Andrea Franchini Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
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