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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
25/08/2017 Mr Paul Mitchell Radiographer Interim Suspension
25/08/2017 Mr Jeyaram Srinivasan Social worker Struck off
25/08/2017 Mr Krastin Emanuilov Yaramboykov Social worker Interim Suspension
24/08/2017 Mrs Jennifer Savage Social worker Voluntary Removal agreed
24/08/2017 Mr Conilious Mapani Social worker Caution
24/08/2017 Miss Catherine Margaret Sigley Social worker Conditions of Practice
22/08/2017 Mr Trevor Good Social worker Struck off
22/08/2017 Mr Jamie M MacLennan Radiographer Interim Suspension
22/08/2017 Mr Roger St Elmo Cumberbatch Social worker Suspended
22/08/2017 Mr Edward McGarrell Paramedic Interim Suspension
22/08/2017 Miss Isha Shona Gabriel Social worker Conditions of Practice
21/08/2017 Mr Darrel J Dimond Paramedic Interim Suspension
21/08/2017 Mr Paul N Manyara Social worker Struck off
21/08/2017 Ms Margaret Dean Dietitian Suspended
21/08/2017 Miss Marline Marie-Alene Cecelia Charles Social worker Hearing has not yet been held
21/08/2017 Mr Stephen M King Biomedical scientist Suspended
21/08/2017 Mr Dinakar Premkumar Physiotherapist Hearing has not yet been held
21/08/2017 Mr Paul Chambers Chiropodist / podiatrist Hearing has not yet been held
21/08/2017 Mr Santhakumar Senthilvelu Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
18/08/2017 Mr Mark Higgins Paramedic Conditions of Practice
18/08/2017 Miss Lindsay J Marshall Dietitian Voluntary Removal agreed
18/08/2017 Mr Tombe Lumonamo Chiropodist / podiatrist Conditions of Practice
17/08/2017 Mrs Olivia Margaret Vickerson Social worker Interim Suspension
17/08/2017 Ms Deborah Jacqueline Jackson Social worker Struck off
17/08/2017 Mrs Jacqueline Ann Thornely Social worker Struck off