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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
07/11/2017 Carole Ann Teft Social worker Interim Conditions of Practice
07/11/2017 Robert Leslie Jenkins Chiropodist / podiatrist Interim Suspension
07/11/2017 Mr Warren Olsen Paramedic Interim Suspension
07/11/2017 Kasim Ali Hearing aid dispenser Interim Suspension
07/11/2017 Mr John F Skelton Prosthetist / orthotist Suspended
07/11/2017 Mr Colin R Parr Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
06/11/2017 Mrs Valerie Abimbola Baiyewu Social worker Hearing has not yet been held
06/11/2017 Mrs Michaela Anne Bonner and Mrs Tara Pennington Social worker Other
06/11/2017 Mr Shodolu Coker Social worker Adjourned
06/11/2017 Miss Laura Gee Social worker Caution
06/11/2017 Mr Wilson Huelgas Radiographer Suspended
06/11/2017 Miss Simone Warmington Social worker Conditions of Practice
03/11/2017 Mr Jamie M Maclennan Radiographer Interim Suspension
03/11/2017 Mr Julian B Roberts Biomedical scientist Struck off
03/11/2017 Mr Edward Betts Radiographer Interim Suspension
02/11/2017 Mr Louis W Houtsnee Physiotherapist Adjourned
02/11/2017 Ms Katherine Margaret Trivett Social worker Suspended
02/11/2017 Miss Tania Myhre Operating department practitioner Suspended
01/11/2017 Ms Mary Squires Social worker Interim Conditions of Practice
01/11/2017 Mr James A Bramwell Paramedic Interim Suspension
31/10/2017 Miss Catherine J Kirk Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
31/10/2017 Mr John Barrie Arnold Social worker Suspended
31/10/2017 Mr Gordon Jarvie Chiropodist / podiatrist Interim Suspension
31/10/2017 Mr Adam Chamberlain Biomedical scientist Suspended
31/10/2017 Mr Vijayakumaran Kuttampoil Practitioner psychologist Conditions of Practice