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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
08/05/2018 Denise Evans Occupational therapist Adjourned
08/05/2018 Kevin G Riley Paramedic Interim Suspension
08/05/2018 Mrs Lisa Finn Social worker Interim Suspension
08/05/2018 Mr Shaun J Sefton Biomedical scientist Voluntary Removal agreed
08/05/2018 Mr Emmanuel Krishnan Radiographer Hearing has not yet been held
08/05/2018 Mr Daniel K Ebrahim Paramedic Interim Suspension
08/05/2018 Mr Simon White Physiotherapist Suspended
08/05/2018 Mr Steven Gill Paramedic Interim Suspension
04/05/2018 Mrs Rachel Oluwayemisi Daike Social worker No further action
04/05/2018 Ms Jana Zamecnikova Occupational therapist Interim Suspension
03/05/2018 Robert Leslie Jenkins Chiropodist / podiatrist No further action
03/05/2018 Kathleen Mary Roche Social worker Interim Suspension
03/05/2018 Kasim Ali Hearing aid dispenser Adjourned
03/05/2018 Mr Paul J Halfacre Operating department practitioner Suspended
03/05/2018 Carole Ann Teft Social worker Interim Conditions of Practice
02/05/2018 Mr Ramadan Ahmeti Social worker Interim Suspension
02/05/2018 Pamela Rawlins-Chase Social worker Caution
01/05/2018 Mr Dave Allen Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
01/05/2018 Miss Kathryn Chignell Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
01/05/2018 Mrs Joel Deborah Birch Social worker Voluntary Removal agreed
01/05/2018 Mr Mark McKenzie Paramedic Caution
01/05/2018 Ms Samantha Kennedy Social worker Suspended
30/04/2018 Mr Joseph R Taylor-Hannah Social worker Interim Suspension
30/04/2018 Mr Edward McGarrell Paramedic Struck off
30/04/2018 Ms Vivien McQueen Social worker Voluntary Removal agreed