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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
10/10/2017 Mrs Myriam Ghislaine Bamkin Social worker Interim Suspension
10/10/2017 Mr Michael D Hampton Biomedical scientist Suspended
10/10/2017 Mr Kevin Paul Roberts Social worker Adjourned part heard
10/10/2017 Mr Abraham Kuria Social worker Interim Suspension
09/10/2017 Jason Mariah Radiographer Suspended
09/10/2017 Jayne Whittaker Social worker Adjourned part heard
09/10/2017 Miss Millissa Judy Elmira Halliday Social worker Caution
09/10/2017 Mr Paul Martin Carney Social worker Adjourned part heard
06/10/2017 Mr Kevin Peel Paramedic Interim Suspension
06/10/2017 Mr Michael J Wise Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
06/10/2017 Jannette May Ryan Social worker Suspended
06/10/2017 Mr Shane Kennedy Paramedic Suspended
05/10/2017 Dr Victoria Day Practitioner psychologist Interim Suspension
05/10/2017 Dr Michelle O'Sullivan Practitioner psychologist Interim Suspension
05/10/2017 Dr Ewa Oboho Practitioner psychologist Struck off
05/10/2017 Mr Adrian M Stanley Paramedic Suspended
04/10/2017 Mr Eric Paul Forster Social worker Interim Suspension
04/10/2017 Miss Esther O'Neill Occupational therapist Interim Suspension
04/10/2017 Mrs Victoria V Asirvatham Occupational therapist Interim Suspension
03/10/2017 Barbara Lule Social worker Interim Suspension
03/10/2017 Ms Rachael Thompson Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
03/10/2017 Mr Thirunavukkarasu Selvaraj Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
02/10/2017 Mr Abdul Zaheer Khan Social worker Interim Suspension
02/10/2017 Ms Marie Esther Nolan Social worker Suspended
02/10/2017 Ms Doreen Claire Ruta Social worker Adjourned part heard