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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
13/04/2018 Mrs Adele J Copeman - King Paramedic Adjourned
12/04/2018 Mrs Elaine Marie Fowler Social worker Interim Suspension
12/04/2018 Mr Shaun Devlin Social worker Interim Suspension
12/04/2018 Mr James-Moni Tayamoi Social worker Adjourned
12/04/2018 Miss Chinele Ukachukwu Biomedical scientist Struck off
12/04/2018 Mr Damian Sherman Paramedic Caution
11/04/2018 Mrs Jane M Little Radiographer Struck off
11/04/2018 Miss Marion Hazel Le Cornu Physiotherapist Suspended
11/04/2018 Mr Robert David Linton Social worker Caution
11/04/2018 Miss Helen Middleham Paramedic Adjourned part heard
10/04/2018 Mr John F Skelton Prosthetist / orthotist Hearing has not yet been held
10/04/2018 Teresa Sinden Social worker Adjourned
10/04/2018 Ruth E Yorkston Occupational therapist Suspended
10/04/2018 Mrs Carol Anne Indge Social worker Voluntary Removal agreed
09/04/2018 Mr Jonathan Mason Social worker Interim Suspension
09/04/2018 Mrs Aimee Louise James Social worker Struck off
09/04/2018 Foysol Baree Occupational therapist Struck off
09/04/2018 Emmanuel O. Nna Biomedical scientist Struck off
09/04/2018 Mr Ian Michael Social worker Interim Suspension
09/04/2018 Mr Leo W Kirk Social worker Suspended
06/04/2018 Dr Waseem Alladin Practitioner psychologist Interim Suspension
06/04/2018 Victoria J Allen Radiographer Struck off
06/04/2018 Dr Ildiko Ridley Practitioner psychologist Interim Conditions of Practice
05/04/2018 Mrs Jane Sarah Bradley Social worker Interim Suspension
05/04/2018 Mr Jabulani L Moyo Operating department practitioner Caution