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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
05/04/2018 Mr Jabulani L Moyo Operating department practitioner Caution
05/04/2018 Miss Catherine A Weir Biomedical scientist Interim Suspension
05/04/2018 Mr Joshua L Foster Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
05/04/2018 Mrs Hazel Williams Social worker Interim Conditions of Practice
05/04/2018 Miss Mari Mar Serrano Social worker Caution
04/04/2018 Mr Andrew R Mitchell Biomedical scientist Interim Suspension
04/04/2018 Mr Gwyn Vye-Parminter Chiropodist / podiatrist Interim Conditions of Practice
04/04/2018 Mrs Susan M Boxall Occupational therapist Conditions of Practice
04/04/2018 Mr Peregrine Burgess Dietitian Interim Suspension
04/04/2018 Mr Ian A Rees Biomedical scientist Conditions of Practice
03/04/2018 Mrs Myriam Ghislane Bamkin Social worker Interim Suspension
03/04/2018 Mrs Lesley Burns Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
03/04/2018 Mr Barry Timms Paramedic Interim Suspension
03/04/2018 Miss Lisa Hetreed Occupational therapist Interim Suspension
03/04/2018 Mr Kevin Peel Paramedic Interim Suspension
03/04/2018 Mr Darren Cornish Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
03/04/2018 Mrs Aminah Migisa Radiographer Interim Conditions of Practice
03/04/2018 Miss Nicola Hemple Occupational therapist Suspended
03/04/2018 Mr Eric C Simons Biomedical scientist Suspended
03/04/2018 Mr Kevin Paul Roberts Social worker Adjourned part heard
03/04/2018 Mr Abraham Kuria Social worker Interim Suspension
29/03/2018 Mr Michael J Wise Paramedic Interim Suspension
29/03/2018 Dr Michelle O'Sullivan Practitioner psychologist Interim Suspension
29/03/2018 Mr Philip L Shaw Hearing aid dispenser Struck off
29/03/2018 Mr Mattew Chambers Physiotherapist Voluntary Removal agreed