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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
22/09/2017 Mr Lee Martin Practitioner psychologist Adjourned
22/09/2017 Mrs Kelly Coburn Occupational therapist Suspended
22/09/2017 Ms Julie Ann Edmond Social worker Struck off
22/09/2017 Mr Timothy J Stringer Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
21/09/2017 Mrs Justine Alecho-Nantambi Social worker Suspended
21/09/2017 Mr Edward John Davies Social worker Suspended
20/09/2017 Mrs Marie Devlin Social worker Suspended
19/09/2017 Mr Daniel Beaudoin Social worker Caution
19/09/2017 Mr Karl Lavender Paramedic Conditions of Practice
18/09/2017 Mr Alan Barham Paramedic Caution
18/09/2017 Miss Marie A Fell Biomedical scientist Struck off
18/09/2017 Mr Andrew E Vaughan Paramedic No further action
18/09/2017 Miss Kirsty Gull Speech and language therapist Adjourned part heard
18/09/2017 Catherine Ruth Holmes Social worker Struck off
18/09/2017 Ms Lyn Gilpin Social worker Caution
15/09/2017 Mr Lee A Campbell Operating department practitioner Interim Suspension
15/09/2017 Mrs Deborah D Bonner Social worker Interim Suspension
14/09/2017 Mr David S Hall Radiographer Interim Suspension
14/09/2017 Ms Nicola Davison Radiographer Conditions of Practice
14/09/2017 Ms Paula Hutchinson Operating department practitioner Conditions of Practice
14/09/2017 Mr Ajeesh George Radiographer Interim Suspension
13/09/2017 Mr Matthew Todd Social worker Suspended
13/09/2017 Mrs Blessing Chabvamurambo Radiographer Struck off
13/09/2017 Miss Samantha L Lockyer Social worker Struck off
13/09/2017 Mrs Christy A Henderson Radiographer Suspended