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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
05/12/2017 Miss Carolyn J Brown Occupational therapist Adjourned
05/12/2017 Dr William Bratby Practitioner psychologist Conditions of Practice
05/12/2017 Mr John F Skinner Social worker Voluntary Removal agreed
05/12/2017 Olivier Sivakumaran Biomedical scientist Interim Suspension
04/12/2017 Miss Robinah Kamya Guweddeko Social worker Adjourned
04/12/2017 Mr Gomahan Chelliah Physiotherapist Conditions of Practice
04/12/2017 Miss Anesu Dodzo Radiographer Suspended
04/12/2017 Mr Ian James alan Rigg Social worker Suspended
04/12/2017 Dr Jenny Parker Practitioner psychologist Caution
04/12/2017 Ms Sarah Emma Cray Social worker Conditions of Practice
01/12/2017 Ms Emma Jane Walsham Social worker Interim Suspension
01/12/2017 Dr Mohinder J Surdhar Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
01/12/2017 Mrs Pauline Stidwell Social worker Suspended
01/12/2017 Josephine M Noble Physiotherapist Adjourned
30/11/2017 Miss Stephanie P Howes Physiotherapist Struck off
30/11/2017 Miss Nichola Taylor Social worker Conditions of Practice
30/11/2017 Jamie S Broadbent Operating department practitioner Suspended
30/11/2017 Mr Louis W Houtsnee Physiotherapist Interim Conditions of Practice
29/11/2017 Mr Adeyinka Adeshina Physiotherapist Interim Suspension
29/11/2017 Mr Gary Long Paramedic Interim Conditions of Practice
28/11/2017 Mr Simon White Physiotherapist Suspended
28/11/2017 Mrs Coreen Esnath Butler Social worker Interim Suspension
28/11/2017 Miss Julie A Barker Social worker Interim Suspension
28/11/2017 Mrs Daniela Ionescui Hearing aid dispenser Interim Conditions of Practice
27/11/2017 Miss Louise Loftus Social worker Interim Suspension
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