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Date Registrant Profession Outcome/Status
15/01/2018 Mrs Louise J Middleton Dietitian Conditions of Practice
15/01/2018 Mr Robert David Linton Social worker Adjourned part heard
15/01/2018 Mr Thomas Geoffrey Farncombe Social worker Conditions of Practice
12/01/2018 Mr David Morris Speech and language therapist Voluntary Removal agreed
11/01/2018 Mrs Deliwe Mary Mhlanga Social worker Suspended
11/01/2018 Mr Colin Henry Hill Social worker Conditions of Practice
11/01/2018 Mrs Rebbeca Agnes Tom Social worker Adjourned
10/01/2018 Mr Ebenezer Narh Dadeboe Social worker Adjourned
09/01/2018 Miss Marline Marie-Alene Cecelia Charles Social worker Voluntary Removal agreed
09/01/2018 Shakirah Kaliisa Radiographer Caution
08/01/2018 Dr Waseem Alladin Practitioner psychologist Interim Suspension
08/01/2018 Ms Bethan M Williams Speech and language therapist Conditions of Practice
08/01/2018 Mrs Angela Rizzato Social worker Caution
08/01/2018 Mr Lindley J Adams Paramedic Struck off
08/01/2018 Mr Richard S North Paramedic Caution
08/01/2018 Mr Blessing Manyanga Biomedical scientist Caution
08/01/2018 Dr Ildiko Ridley Practitioner psychologist Interim Conditions of Practice
08/01/2018 Mr Abid Hussain Social worker Adjourned part heard
05/01/2018 Mrs Myriam Ghislaine Bamkin Social worker Interim Suspension
05/01/2018 Dr Victoria Day Practitioner psychologist Interim Suspension
05/01/2018 Mrs Julie Bradley Social worker Interim Suspension
05/01/2018 Mrs Hazel Williams Social worker Interim Conditions of Practice
05/01/2018 Mr Corleone Atta Owusu Biomedical scientist Interim Suspension
05/01/2018 Kathleen Mary Roche Social worker Interim Suspension
05/01/2018 Josephine M Noble Physiotherapist Suspended
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